Monday, 29 October 2012

6 months

This has been our monthly tradition!
Daddy will make baby Si's banner and mummy will snap snap snap away...

Also ever since baby Si won her first contest, in the solo category, we've been taking her pics using the prize itself... A fujifilm Polaroid camera!!!
Thank u F&N!!! It was an impromptu competition... It started like this. While me, mr. Hubby and baby Si came out from the mrt n walked towards the mall... We were stopped by the F&N ambassadors to take a pic with their banner! We took two pics, 1 to be entered into the family category, and 1 of baby Si to be entered into the solo category. And guess who won??? Our cute Baby Si of course ;)
A note to fujifilm, if u wanna see more cute monthly pics of baby Si, please do send us more of ur amazing polaroid cartridges so we can continue with our fun family tradition!!!

Note: baby Si turned 6 months on 6 oct... But this lazy mummy hadn't had time to blog about it... Hehehehe
I guess her 7 months pic taking is coming soon! So stay tuned ;)

How time just flies... Mummy had already packed away baby Si sets of clothes 0-6mths n out with her 6-12mths clothes :( *sob sob*
Thanks cousin kor kor zach ha min for all the hand me downs onesies... If u haven't yet notice in the pics, most of baby Si homeclothes (onesies) looked boyish!!! Hehehhee....
This mummy don't like to waste....
Mummy Jamie's motto "REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE"

baby Si, plz don't grow up too fast, mummy n daddy wanna cuddle u like cuddling a koala bear...*I'm enjoying this moment soooooo much*

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