Monday, 31 December 2012

Super sienna!!!

Thanks to a lovely Brunei fan of baby Si for sending her a Xmas gift all the way from Brunei... I believe her name is Alex?!?!
*At least I know someone is reading baby Si blog...* yeay!!!

This is by far baby Si's most wonderful costume outfit ever...She is attracting far more attention from strangers when she was wearing this outfit... Not that she didn't before this!

Super sienna, the super girl is here to save the world!!!

Oh yeah, n we ushered in the new years at I-city shah alam... Baby Si enjoyed seeing the wonderfully decorated lights... She got super excited... Both mummy n daddy enjoyed it too... We ended our 2012 year with non other than our yummy missed food from the mamak!!! Roti canai, tosai, ice lemon tea (for daddy) n nasi paprik wt beef, ice coffee (for mummy n baby Si)

Happy 2013!!!

Much love from baby Si to her Brunei fans,

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Baby Si first haircut!!!

Mummy was quite nervous to give baby Si her first haircut!!! But it was due... Her fringe was getting into her eyes and her trusty ol' signature HAIRCLIP keeps ending up in her mouth ;(
Won't trust the saloon to cut baby Si hair as she moves around way too much (very kepoh/busy body baby...)
Does this mummy have trust issues when it comes to baby Si??? Hmmmm....

So this mummy decided to cut baby Si's hair herself!!! Of coz wt the help of gong gong (to keep her still) and mr. Hubby (camera man)

Btw, I found an iPad app to make these picture collages... And warning: it's ADDICTING!!!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Happy 4yr anniversary, sayang :)

Today marks 4 yrs anniversary since we got married!!!
KarMie was formed 7 yrs ago in Columbus, Indiana USA...

Can't wait to spend many more years with u sayang...

Here are some random pics from that eventful day...
No preference on the pics, just that mr. Hubby chose it!

Our garden wedding in cyberview, Malaysia! Thank God it didn't rain on that special day and we got our dream garden wedding... (btw, it rained the weekend before n the weekend after since its monsoon season every year end)

Friday, 21 December 2012

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Happy birthday Zach Ha-Min!!!

Baby Si: "Happy 3 yrs old cousin kor kor ha min!!! Too bad this time u won't be able to play sand at krabi with me :( maybe next time"

Has it been 3 yrs already??? Time flies... Sorry we couldn't be able to celebrate ur bday with u as we're in Malaysia!!!

Here's wishing u a happy, healthy n contented days ahead :)
May u have many many candles to blow!!! (see pic below) *LOL*

Continue to be a good boy once nei nei (grandmother) leaves...I think nei nei will be the one crying when she leaves n changi airport will be flooded... Heheheheh...
Btw, She really enjoys her fun time with u!!!

Note: Uncle karthik did the pic collage below for ha min!!! Mr. Hubby is getting better and better at it :)

Monday, 17 December 2012

Baby Si baby dedication updates!

Sorry this mummy has been busy with outings till didn't have time to update u guys on baby Si baby dedication!

From my previous post --> Baby Si baby dedication this sat!!!

We were so excited to celebrate this joyous moment! Even po po was able to join in the celebration...

This year must have been the biggest baby dedication ever since it's the dragon year and many many dragon babies including baby Si (LITERALLY) as baby Si was born in the year of the dragon (Chinese lunar calendar) and her surname NAGA means dragon in Malay... So we had to be split into 2 groups and that's just on Saturday service! Not counting Sunday service where there's another 2 groups... and mind u, City harvest church (CHC) holds baby dedications every quarter! That's how many dragon babies???!!! U do the math! No wonder my gynae appointments n prenatal classes were packed wt preggie ladies! And No wonder friends keep telling us dragon babies will have a hard time entering into good schools as there's steep competition!!! Well, lets not jump the gun n let's not think too far ahead :p

Our cell group members surprised us with such a touching homemade card made by the zhuang sisters! To be exact Jennifer zhuang! I'm sure Janice had some say in it too ;) she's such a talented pop-up card maker... She makes each and every of our cell group members bday card!!! Oh bless her heart... Once u see the card, ur heart will melt too... She even drew baby Si's trademark signature look- her HAIR CLIP!!! how thoughtful ;)
Thanks to Zhi Hong & Elaine for being photographers for the day, Jun Xian for being our "secret" on stage photographer, and my lovely CG members for being baby Si "fans" of the day! u guys ROCK!
Esther, Jon & Lauren Spears, my mum (po po) for joining in this joyous celebration...
and to anyone who managed to join in (spiritually *if u read my previous blog post* )

If u missed out on tuning in to watch the baby dedication live, here are some of the highlights on the event!
•All the pastors were there with us on stage n went around and prayed for each family individually! We were blessed that pastor Aries and pastor Joseph came to pray for us...
•photo-booth session - a picture of each family were taken to capture this memorable event
•each baby was presented with a certificate to commemorate this day
•pics of each baby were flashed onto the big screen

Here are some pics from that day!
Outfit of the day!
Outfit of the day...chosen by mummy n daddy!

Being prayed by Pastor Aries
Photographed by our "secret" onstage man!

Daddy dedicating baby Si...flexing his musclets & muscles!
Not sure what daddy was doing but mummy was busy fixing baby Si's cardigan...
Just the front row families...there's 2-3 more rows behind...
And we're the 2nd group on stage..

With Po Po...
With Po Po and Esther...
Our photobooth pic.. LOVING IT :)
(this is what good lighting n good camera can do!!!)
Lovely HAND MADE Pop Up card made by Jennifer.
(btw, she was so sneaky about baby Si polaroid pic..she snapped a pic of baby Si few mths back n never gave it to me! Asked her many times and yet never got it...she kept it all these while n put it to good use!!!)
Baby Si's cetificate... her first and many many more certificates to come...AMEN :)
We made it on the headlines!!! BABY SI IS FAMOUS... hee hee hee...
Daddy, mummy, baby Si and Po Po in the house of God!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Baby Si 9th and 10th solid food...

Ok ok from my previous post --> Baby Si 7th and 8th solid food , I mentioned that baby Si's next food will be the avocados sitting on my counter top. But guess what? As soon as it was soft enough, I was so eager to prepare it but soon realized that it was already spoiled? So mummy and daddy had avocado milkshake :) yumz!!!

Any advice on how to ripen the avocados without it being spoilt? Mind u this is Singapore where the weather is hot n humid... If that makes any diff...

Some advice from some mummies on how to make it ripe faster...
•Put it with apples in a paper bag
•Store in rice bucket

9th solid food: fuyu persimmons
Her 3rd fruit ;)

So what does baby Si think of her gourmet meal???

Baby Si: yummy... This might be as good as her fav apples!!! She ate it quick :)
Mummy: increased baby Si servings as she liked it soooo much!!! Also added an extra meal time- so now she's eating 3 times a day ( 3 times-if this mummy has the time or else it'll be twice or once if we're out n about)

10th solid food: pears
Her 4th fruit :)

So what does baby Si think of her gourmet meal???

Baby Si: yummy too!!!

Mummy: It turns brown after being pureed (due to oxidation)...but still good to eat!


What veg or fruit should I intro next?
Stay tune to find out ;)