Friday, 16 May 2014

Happy 2 years old baby Si!!!

Hello there...
Does this mean I'm back in the blogging world? Not quite yet... Still having my hands full with my 2 babies :)
But this post cannot be left out coz...

Baby Si turned 2 on 6th April 2014!!!
(it was our last day in Malaysia and first day for baby Skyler to step foot into Singapore)
P/s: For those who didn't know, I was in Malaysia for about 3 months to deliver and have my parents help me with my confinement and taking care of baby Si and baby Skye...

So my baby Si is not a baby anymore...officially a toddler!!! *sob sob*
P/s: no more free infant ticket on full fare airlines or cheap infant ticket on budget airlines...she has to buy an ADULT ticket??? Hmmmm this mummy is not ready to let go yet...

More pics can be found here...
Album 1: first 2 weeks

Album 2: feb-April 

In case u are wondering why we chose BOO from monster inc as her cake topper? 
Let her pic say for itself (see pic below)
Baby Si even thinks its her standing on her bday cake :)

Her cake is made of Nutella chocolate! She ate sooooo much cake that she vomited a lil' on our drive down to Singapore...think she went crazy sugar high over her cake as we hardly feed her anything sweet, what more cake? We have been starving her of sweet stuff all these while...*LOL*

If you noticed, we had 2 cupcakes as well to celebrate gong gong and mr. Hubby's bdays!
AirasiaX for gong gong and Apple for mr. Hubby!!! Both red velvet flavors!

In case you are wondering, I ordered the cakes from an online baker fb page "In the Clouds Cake".
Our BOO cake we ordered, is very minimal compared to what this talented baker can do... Do check out her photos album and be ready to salivate!!!
Her cakes are creatively design, moist, tasty, less sweet (good for kids and diabetics yet yummy-licious enough for the general public)... 
She offers FREE DELIVERY right to your doorsteps or party venue (anywhere in PJ area)... How great is that? You need not worry about logistics and cake falling off in ur back seat!!! 
Her talent is not limited to just can leave all your party planning to her and she can take care of it :) from party deco, party favors, finger food, etc... All in 1 service!!! Every MOM can relate to this as we do not have time to be running around and doing ALL when u have ur hands full with ur baby(s)... 
She is easy and pleasant to work with...
BEST of ALL, her cakes are HALAL... Need not worry about your muslim friends eating the cake :)
BESTEST of ALL :) mention "KarMie's blog" when ordering and u will get 5% off discount! 

A poem by mr. Hubby dedicated to our BOO!!!

Our Boo turns Two!
The previous years just seriously flew.
I still can't believe she's seriously two.
I still remember when she barely knew
how to roll around and could hardly move.

But now she's talking and walking already.
And running as if her legs are all ready
to shop with mom at a big mall, sadly.
"A dress here, nice shoes, want 'em all daddy."

Soon you'll start to flourish in school
and might not like us cherishing you.
So let's really take a minute or two
to appreciate calling you Princess or Boo.

No, this rhyme isn't meant to be bombast,
it's really just a timely reminder in contrast.
Or else we'll just be looking at yo' past
while pondering how it flew by so fast.