Thursday, 30 October 2014

Happy 31 mths to baby Si and happy 9 mths to baby Skye!!!

Happy 31 mths to baby Si and happy 9 mths to baby Skye!!!

(previous month's post <~ if u missed it)

This mummy has been busy since coming back from Japan... Back to reality :) catching up on cleaning, laundry, groceries, appointments, etc...

Here's our monthly family tradition of taking Polaroid pics.
Hopefully baby Si n baby skye pics will cheer up ur day!!! 
It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:
.Baby Skye crawling a few steps forward
.Baby Skye able to sit up from a lying down position
.Baby Skye did his first "high 5" with daddy
.Baby Skye able to recognize mummy!!! Think it happened sometime last month...
(Not really a good thing as he's Been sticking to me like a koala bear and will cry for me when it comes to sleeping n feeding time!!! Or perhaps he's smelling his "food aka milk factory aka mummy" is "running away" perhaps?
.Baby Skye 1st time falling sick...1 day after we came back from Japan! Both kiddos were having flu, running nose n coughs!!! Must be all the jetlag+fun they had...

.Baby Si n baby Skye first time watching LIVE tennis game
Pics up on mr. Hubby's Facebook (click here!!!)
(So far, the kids were blessed enough to catch live basketball, soccer and now tennis games)
.Baby Si n baby Skye (n daddy's) first time to Japan! Our first family trip!!! (Will blog about this soon)
-correction: it's baby Si first few times to Japan as I was Preggie with her during my flying days!!! Does that count??? 

.Baby Si starting to recognize numbers and alphabets...showing interest in learning to write!
.Baby Si able to navigate her way home from the playground even if taking a different route!
.Baby Si non-stop asking ...."why, why, why" and if unanswered, she gets annoyed and keeps bugging u till she gets an answer...even with an answer, sometimes she still follows up with another "why"!!! This mummy is tired, talking nonstop everyday!!!
.Baby Si identifying all the shapes in her book... She just one day picked up her book and started saying all the shapes correctly... (Think its been a while she knew her shapes)
.Baby Si saying GRACE before our meals!!! Trying her best to keep her eyes close while peeping here n there :)
.Baby Si able to open, drink n close the PET bottle all by herself...n demands to use it everyday instead of her usual cup!

Happy Halloween and happy Deepavali!!! 
(Especially to my Indian-American mr. Hubby... Not American -Indian, mind u) :p

In celebrating Deepavali, This is as Indian as u can get in chaw-naga residence!!!
Homemade yogurt, curry chicken, mango pickle, red+brown rice (not really Indian heh?) and murruku (mr. Hubby's fav Indian snack)!!!
Trying to instill some Indian culture to the kids... What are some of your ideas? Care to share?

Last year, we did dress up baby Si in an Indian outfit (actually the whole family did!!!) but this year we didn't as baby Skye has yet to have an Indian outfit! (Maybe next year, perhaps?)

2 years ago, we lighted up candles in the room...but soon realized it wasn't a good idea (fire hazard) and with Sienna now older and jumping around...nahhhh!!!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Baby Skye in magazines!!!

HALLOWEEN is just around the corner...and guess what???
Most of you would probably have known (from mr. Hubby's Facebook) <- can sense mr. Hubby's excitement.... That our baby boy Skyler Chaw Naga made a special appearance in the Mediacorp's "Mother&Baby Singapore" magazine (October issue)!!! Out on stands since late sept...

We are so proud and blessed for this once in a lifetime opportunity and experience! 
Although Skyler didn't have to do anything in order to get his face in the magazine... 
Just a cute smile won the hearts of the peeps at Mother&Baby Singapore ;)

He landed a tiny spot in the magazine on page 40!!! (Halloween theme)
Baby Skye did wonderful throughout the photo fuss at all...
Daddy did a great job trying to make baby Skye look straight at the camera and smile at the same time...quite a difficult task as baby Skye was just learning to lift up his head while on his tummy!!!
So daddy didn't have much buffer time to work with...
Baby Skye was just 7 mths during the time of the photo shoot (if u notice, he didn't have much hair at that time compared to now which is naturally spiked up!!!)

This Mummy was just chilling and mingling with the other mummy behind the scenes while keeping sienna away from the limelight...***no pun intended...LOLs***

Here's pics of us "behind the scenes"!!! 
Our gleeful "proud parents" moment...nonstop smiles since the moment we stepped in to Mediacorp till we left...but looking at those pics, I think Sienna had the most fun!!!
Although it was raining heavily that morning, it didn't dampen our spirits...

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Baby Si 1st ever professional haircut in the salon!

After 2.5 yrs of this mummy cutting baby Si's fringe, it was time for her to go have her hair cut in a professional salon by a PRO!!! Hehehehehe.... 
Few reasons for her haircut:
1) It was time as her "virgin" back hair was getting longer...
2) this humid hot weather isn't helping!
3) this Mummy has no time to do pigtails and keep it neat...(2 babies are a handful) + keeping the house in order n preparing meals...etc....
4) baby Si was off to po po and gong gong hse for a visit (before our Japan trip) it will be easier for my mum to tame her mane :p
On a side note: baby Si lasted a whole month without her mummy!!! Told my parents, that I would jump on the next plane back to KL if needed...even had my bags ready n packed just in case...but needless to say baby Si was having way too much fun being pampered by the proud of her :)

All these while, people might say I've deprived baby Si of haircuts...LOL
But in actuality, this mummy has trust issues when it comes to anyone putting a scissors close to baby Si's eyes...Finally this mummy had the courage to let go and put her trust in someone's else...

So off we (the whole family) went to the salon!!! Daddy had to be the one to actually take her in as this mummy couldn't bear to witness mummy quickly gave her a kiss and assured her...then quickly made a dash to pick up groceries with baby Skye!!! But after a few minutes, I decided I needed to be there for baby Si.... So I did a U-turn and headed back just in time to witness the first snip!!! Thank God I made it in Si held on to daddy like a koala bear... She didn't cry but just needed daddy to be there... The whole ordeal was done within minutes :)

So what do u think of the results?
Baby Si in short hair....yayyyy or nayyyy???
No more "Boo" signature trademark look!!!

Baby Si would tell me every now and then that she wants her hair to grow longer so she can be like a princess and also keep saying, "sienna like a boo, sienna like a boo!!!"... Just today I trimmed her fringe, and she said "mummy, just cut the front ahhhh! Don't cut the back okayyy? I want it to grow longer!!!"

Mr. Hubby mentioned that the hair that was cut is the same hair that was in my womb!!! Wowwwww....
I should have save it and keep it as a keepsake...hehehehehe....
Sienna had that hair not for 2.5 yrs but for the past 2.5 yrs+9 mths!!!! LOLs.... So EMO this post....hahahhahahaha ***but its just a haircut mummy!!!****
Well, I think I got over the next salons visit will be a breeze :) but daddy will still do it just like how mummy has been taking the kids for their vaccinations...hehehehe....

***SAY BYE BYE to BOO!!!***

Mummy in a new short hairdo too!!! Wanted to have the same haircut as baby Si...
But the fringe didn't turn out nice on me :( so side sweep it went!
(Note to self: this is the last attempt for fringe!!! Say NO to fringe... 
Even as a kid I didn't have lets keep it that way!!!)

Who says brinjal can't be a "toy" at po po and gong gong house!!!

Learning mandarin with po po n gong gong!!! YEAY!!!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Happy 30 mths (2 1/2 yrs old) to baby Si and happy 8 mths to babySkye!!!

Happy 30 mths (2 1/2 yrs old) to baby Si and happy 8 mths to baby Skye!!!

(previous month's post <~ if u missed it)

Here's our monthly family tradition of taking Polaroid pics.
Hopefully baby Si n baby skye pics will cheer up ur day!!! 
(Oh this time baby Si is not here in it's just baby Skye solo polaroid pic)
It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:
Baby Skye 1st time appearing in a magazine!!! (Mother & Baby Singapore) will blog abt this soon!
Baby Skye holding a book
Baby Skye starting to crawl - backwards...(just like baby Si when she started crawling-backwards first)

Baby Si n baby Skye first movie at the cinemas
Baby Skye first time watching LIVE soccer n basketball game
Baby Si first time watching LIVE soccer n 2nd time basketball game

Baby Si first haircut at the salon (will blog about this soon)
Baby Si first time being away from mummy n daddy for more than 1 nite (it has been 22 days since she left)... But mummy is counting down the days till mummy see u!!! Soon :)

U can tell that baby Si was way ahead in the milestones compared to baby Skye...
Saying her first word at just 4 months n repeating words at 8 months
Sitting by herself unsupported at 8mths
Oh well...what can I say...boys are slower? Hehehehehe ... But I can for sure tell that this boy is 
way more active, strong n throwing "caution out of the window"... 
Doing stunts and somersaults, baby style :)