Friday, 4 October 2019

VATOS Rock Crawler review

VATOS Rock Crawler review

Our son Skyler has loved cars, trucks, airplanes, trains and anything else with wheels for as long as we can remember.  Sienna and Skyler have enjoyed Monster Trucks ever since we went to the Monster Jam show in Charlotte, NC’s Spectrum Center.

Imagine how excited they were when they received a remote control VATOS Rock Crawler!?!  This was  their first outdoor all-terrain vehicles that they could control from a far so they were ecstatic!

We didn’t tell them it was actually called “Rock Crawler” and we didn’t give them any instructions or training on how to use it either.  So, we built up their fun and excitement by letting them try increasingly harder tasks:
1.      First, they were able to just get used to the controls on the flat pavement.
a.      These controls are very easy to use, with a ‘trigger’ that can be pulled to make the car go forward; or pushed to make it go backwards.
b.      The circular knob allows the car to go many different directions, not just front, back, left and right.

2.      Then they were asked to try to see how well it went from the pavement to the (long/thick) grass.
3.      After that they tried to see if it would be able to go over a small grassy hill.
4.      The most exciting part was when they were going to see if it could go over a bunch of decently sized rocks.  Honestly none of us thought it would be able to do as well as it did.  It had no trouble maneuvering through these rocks.
5.      The excitement reached a crescendo when one of the kids accidentally flipped over VATOS.  Then we all realized how fun and funny it was to do that and we all wanted to try to recreate that (and we succeeded!).
What we loved:
- The quality of the product
It is well made, without dents.  The suspension on the wheels are high quality.  
Even just racing and running away from the car was exciting for these two (7 and 5 years old).
- The battery
The battery is rechargeable, and the car can be controlled from quite a distance.  Also included is a backup battery that we can switch when needed.

If you are interested in buying this and want to first see our video review of the Rock Crawler (it’s a lot more exciting than just words), please click on the following video:

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Disclaimer: I have received this product in exchange for my honest (with love) review. All opinions are solely our own.