Thursday, 21 July 2016

Money saving tips for every new parents!!!

Who says raising babies are expensive?

As parents, we always want the BEST for our child especially when you are first time parents...

Here are ways to stretch your dollar and save money!!!
Money saving tips for every parent...

Tip 1: Don't buy too many "newborn" size diapers!!! 
Many new parents will stock up on buying bulk diapers during baby fairs n end up with loads of newborn diapers!!!
Depending on the size of your newborn and how fast they grow, some might even skip the "newborn" diapers and go straight to "small" size!
My 1st born, baby Si wore "S" size soon after she was born as she was considered a "big" baby in Asia ~ 3.5kg...
Whereas baby Skye was born 2.8kg n wore newborn diapers but didn't last long before he had to be up-sized ...

Tip 2: Don't stock up on diapers especially if your baby hasn't tried them before.
When visiting baby fairs or baby events, don't be hesitant to get a sample of different diaper brands or better still, you  can request samples online directly through their websites.
Depending on the brand, some babies are not suitable and might easily get diaper rash!!! We've tried many brands before settling on a brand that suits our babies... coincidentally, both babies are wearing the same brand of diapers n it works for us as its good in quality yet economical as well!!! 
(P/s: we've never had to use diaper cream~ maybe just a handful of times when they get diarrhea)

Tip 3: Don't ever throw or give away those unused medium/large size diapers once your baby outgrows them....
Once your baby starts being mobile and on the run, sooner or later those chubby "Michelin" thighs will be gone! 
So sad but true ***sob, sob***
Guess what, Sienna age 4.5 is wearing the same size diaper as baby Skye age 2.5!!! Crazy but true... she wears size L diapers for her naps but size XL diapers for overnight (to hold in more pee n prevent leakage)

Tip 4: Don't waste money buying those special diapers claiming "dry nights"...
We've tried buying drypers drynights but still it leaked (not sure if its just us or what). 
We realised we just needed to upsize baby Sienna diapers so that it could hold in more pee!!! 
And "lo n behold", no more leakage... so for naps Sienna wears size L n for nights she wears XL!

Ok enough of these "dirty diapers talk", it's giving me a headache...Lols... moving on...

Tip 5: Always buy neutral color socks n LOTS of the same kind...
I'm sure many parents have had their kids lose one side of their socks! N had to dreadfully throw out the still "good condition" one just coz your kid can't wear it anymore or worst still ~ mismatched socks!!! Who's guilty of this??? 
Here's a simple solution ~ buy neutral color socks n LOTS of it!!! That way, even if you lose one, you have plenty of backup...
N best of all you can pass it down to baby no. 2 regardless of the gender difference! 
Baby Si n baby Skye can share the same neutral colored socks...
 As cute n irresistible it might be, stay away and say NO to pink socks!!! 
Okay fine, just buy a few for those special occasions... :p

Tip 6: Don't throw away onesies/rompers once your baby outgrows them.
Babies grow vertically real fast n soon you find that you can no longer button up their onesies/rompers! 
***Sighhhh*** but they've only worn it a handful of times!!!
Here's a solution: Keep wearing them as a TOP (without snapping the buttons) n put shorts on! 
Be sure to tuck the onesie/rompers in ~ ***tadahh*** 
A perfect looking top n bottom!
Well, if it's worn out, just use it for home use!!! Lols...

Tip 7: Buy stretchable cotton dresses!
And turn them into tops after your baby girl outgrows it. 

Tip 8: Buy stretchable cotton pants!
Since my 2 babies are breastfed, and all breastfeeding mummies know that their breastfed babies' poop are much more watery compared to formula milk fed babies!
These pants are a "poop" saver!!! 
I ALWAYS make sure my babies wear these kinda pants instead of the normal pants or even worst go "pant-less"!!! These pants keep diapers from moving thus preventing poop leakage! I cringe every time I see babies just wearing diapers!!!
To stretch your dollar even further ~  once they outgrow them as pants (and are potty train), turn them into underwear/panties!!! 
It will last for years n comfy too...

Tip 9: Buy lots of leggings!!!
Unfortunately, my 2 kids are "hot blooded" n never liked or had to wear long pants or long shirts ~ being born and raised in sunny, hot, humid Singapore!!! They sweat even in our air conditioned rooms n hotel rooms!!! Well, now that we've moved to USA, things might change when they experience their first winter coming up end of this year... 
But yeah, leggings is a "money stretcher" as babies can use it as long pants and then when they outgrow it, it can be used as 3 quarter pants or even more ~ as shorts!!! That is if it hasn't R.I.P... Lols...

Tip 10: only buy essential items!!!
Friends, family, relatives will be flooding your newborns not just with hugs and kisses but bag loads of gifts and "hand me downs"!!! 
Before you know it, your kid will feel like it's Christmas everyday!!!
(To all 3rd trimester preggy mommies ~ Stop yourself from browsing all the cute tutus online. Being bed bound can and may make online shopping addicting during this period of time... okay, okay, if you must, buy a few but perhaps in various bigger sizes???)

Any more mummy saving tips
Do share, I would like to hear from you on how to save more!!! 
More savings means more shopping for mommy!!! Lols ...

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