Thursday, 9 February 2017

SKYLER 1st day of school in his LIFE...

SKYLER 1st day of school in his LIFE...

Jan 4th 2017 marked his first day of school...(If you don't count Sunday school, that is)
Skyler started at 35 months, whereas "jie jie" Sienna started school at 33 months.
Sienna's 1st day was exactly 2 yrs 1 day apart.
Read all about Sienna's 1st day of school in Singapore here: 

As much as I couldn't wait to send the 2 kids to school (as they've been home school for the longest time due to us moving from west to east in Singapore n then the big move to USA), this momma was a little bit apprehensive sending Skyler to school due to his school timings being 4 hours!!! (3 times a week)
When Sienna first started school, it was only 2 hours daily which was great as the school was located just downstairs.

But I knew it was time for my babies to go to school. Since we just moved to Charlotte, NC, the kids joined in the middle of the school year. Every other kid knew each other, their teachers and the school. Whereas Sienna n Skyler were new to everything (in an "ang moh" environment). To my amazement, they both adjusted right away!!! They made friends real quick...

They both attend the same pre school but they don't see each other at all the entire time. The only time is when they are being dropped off together and when being picked up. Everything is separated by classes. They go to different playgrounds located around the school area, have different timing for going to the gymnasium, etc...

This momma is so not used to kids NOT wearing school uniform. Whoever that came up with the uniform idea is pure genius!!! Makes life so much easier. But now, this momma not only has the headache of choosing outfits for one kid but two??? In Singapore, it was such a breeze getting Sienna ready as she just had to put on her school uniform over her home clothes. And when she got home, just remove her uniform!!! No headaches n no effort at ALL... I super love the uniform idea. But I guess this momma has to get used to this idea for a VERY LONG time (until college?) which means more shopping for the kids clothes!!! Yayyyy... Lols!

Mr. Hubby and I were debating to send them to another school that was further (20mins walk) away as oppose to this one (10mins walk)...
But after touring both schools, Sienna made her own decisions and decided on this school ~ based on the playgrounds and toys perhaps? Even though the other one was cheaper, Mr. Hubby and I both felt that this school was much more organised, structured and overall much better... and the location being a convenience sealed the deal as we had to drop n pick them up. I choose to walk n get my exercise... but with the cold weather, it's a bit of a challenge with 2 kids...

1st day:
Skyler had been with me almost 24/7 since he is still being breastfed (occasionally left with daddy for a few hours). Imagine mommy's separation anxiety... Lols!!! But I knew it's TIME for my baby and ME to part ways. It'll be good for the BOTH of us and i know he will be happy and learn much more in school. So what did mommy do with her first 4 hours of time???
It's FREEDOMMMMM time for mommy!!! (Mommy went to #Target to shop peacefully) ✌
So Sienna goes 4 hrs daily while Skyler goes 4 hrs, 3 days a week!!!
I'll take it... my "me" time... ☕

It was indeed a bittersweet moment sending him off...daddy and mommy were both there to witness this milestone!!! We dropped off Sienna 1st at her class which is just down the hall way from Skyler's class to show Skyler that "jie jie" is just nearby n how happy n fun going to class would be. And true enough Sienna was SO eager to go, after a quick hug n kiss, she dashed into her classroom. Then it came  Skyler's turn. He cried for 1 min. We decided to stay put to help him adjust. I was playing with him at the train set while he was crying n a little boy came over and offered his "comfort smelly" soft toy...
***Awwwww, bless his heart. I wonder if he brings his comfort toy every single day since day 1?***
After a whole minute of crying (felt like eons to me) he was then HAPPY n asking to go again tomorrow!!! even though he goes alternate days...

This school has an open door policy where parents are allowed to drop by anytime (since we have an access card/fob to enter the building). We can eat lunch with them or take them out for an occasional bonding time...but we decided not to (for now) as both kiddos are enjoying their new environment.

After the 1st day was over, Mr. Hubby n I both picked the kiddos up from school although I was 2 mins late from shopping at target...Lols!!! Sienna was over excited telling us EVERYTHING...and since "jie jie" Sienna was talking non-stop, Skyler was just listening away while mommy gave him lots of hugs n kisses telling him how much I missed him but yet mommy is happy seeing him all smiles and HAPPY!!!

2nd day: 
Sienna woke up earlier than usual n was happy and ready to head out for school. Had to remind her to eat her breakfast first. Skyler thought he was going to school too...  Lols!!!

What I observed after they started going to school (especially Skyler in particular as Sienna has been attending school previously) :-
They are both much better at sharing toys.
Less fighting.
Less tantrums.
Kinder to each other.
More polite with lots of "sorry", "thank you", "please".
More independent.
Eat their meals faster (as they only have 15 mins to finish their lunch at school).

#update: 2nd week of school
Mr. Hubby and I decided to pay a visit and to peek at them ... spotted Skyler happily pushing a toy trolley cart going really fast at the playground. The teacher had to stop him n diverted his attention to us! He was so shocked n so happy to see us peeking from the fence. The teacher said that he loves playing with it.
***Skyler loves anything and everything with wheels. ***

After about 2 mins, we wanted to leave n Skyler said he wanted "out" and to follow us. So we said our goodbyes, we'll be back and parted ways. He started to cry for a bit and the teacher consoled/"sayang" him n he was fine soon after.

Next, we stopped by Sienna's classroom. They were all eating lunch QUIETLY.
*** Wowww, am I dreaming? Kids are so extra well behaved in school?****
Sienna was busy eating her lunch n looking around that she didn't even notice us... her friends kept asking the teacher if we were Sienna's parents. And then finally one of her friend told her... and she was all smiles and at the same time flustered...I guess we were embarrassing her... Lols!!! 
***Not at the age ??? She's too young to find us ~"the parents" embarrassing...Lols***

After a sigh of relief, Mr. Hubby and I were off to our 1st EVER lunch date, just the 2 of us! We had subway and a cookie each ~ without having to share!!! We ate in peace n quiet... Lols...cheers to many more lunch dates!!!

Update from their teachers~
.No pee/poop accidents...He's been long potty trained at home except when we are out and about, we put on his diaper... so we wanted Skyler to start school diaper free!
.He's been communicating well...(one day he came home and told me a friend threw a toy and hit him on his eyebrow, with his "broken" words + body language)... true enough, I found a note in his bag left by his teacher confirming it)
.No crying at all...
.He loves doing ARTs and CRAFTs

Sienna ~
.From the very first few days, Sienna has been Ms. Popular... everybody wants to be her friend and she wants to be everybody's friend.
.Very helpful and proactive...
***One day I picked Sienna from school. So happened her friend was walking behind us with her mom. And her friend told her mom that Sienna was her new friend. Her mom said, " OH, u are Sienna ... we've heard so much about you!!!" ***

I'm glad Sienna and Skyler are in school...
They are happy when they are in school and also happy when they are home!!!
I treasure them even more and even miss them when they are away for that few hours... #mommywoes #LetItGo #DontBeSoEmo