Thursday, 25 April 2019

bee choo ladies only HERBAL HAIR & SCALP TREATMENT review

6 reasons you should head down to Bee Choo Ladies if and ONLY if you are a lady!

There are many more reasons I could go on and on about this place but here are my top 6!!!

1) It is ONLY for ladies
I find this very relaxing... 
No need to worry about men eyeing or having to make sure you are seated decently (not that I don't, but you don't need to constantly worry about it)!

The plus point is that there's extra privacy if you need it even more! 
You can just pull the curtains shut. 

This ladies only concept is exceptionally wonderful for Muslim ladies that wear hijab/tudung a.k.a headgear. 
I saw a Muslim lady took off her hijab as soon as she stepped foot into the salon! 

2) Location 
Being in the central area (Bugis), it is perfect for working ladies to stop by in between meetings or a LONG 2 hours "lunch break" ... Hehehe.
Stay at home mommies can also stop by in between running errands.

3) Quickie
In and out in exactly 2 hours or less!
This is extremely good for our busy hectic lifestyle. 
I unfortunately booked my last appointment on Good Friday.
Since it was a public holiday, the place was packed. 
Even then, I was done in 1 hr 45 mins!!! 
Kudos to the staff there for their quick yet thorough, professional service! 

4) Say NO to hard selling
Back to the previous point. 
Some places try to sell you their packages and will take about 15-30mins going through their whole "sha-bang" presentation! 
This was a quick happy goodbye and I was out the door. 
I even asked what are the packages that they offer. 
She said no, they don't offer any packages and pointed me to their simple basic payment structure!
Fuss free... 

5) Affordable
As you can see from the above picture, it is really affordable!
How much do you usually pay for just a quick shampoo n blowout? I'm guessing between $20-40?
This one that I did includes hair scanning (do note this is only done during non peak hours), scalp treatment which includes spraying on their herbal tonic, putting on their signature herbal treatment paste (that encourages hair growth, improves blood circulation, helps combat oily, dandruff and itchy scalp, etc... ), steaming it (this helps to open up the pores so the herbal paste nutrients can be absorbed easily) and the added bonus of getting a scalp, head and shoulders massage!

You get ALL these for an affordable price!
This money saving mom *ahemmm* "cheapo" approves!!! 



6) Natural organic products and RESULTS!!!
Bee choo only uses 100% natural herbal ingredients.
So it is safe for everybody including pregnant women and breastfeeding moms!
Just imagine all the nutrients your hair follicles are getting. The results are amazing.
After going for just 3 treatments, I can see improvements.
My scalp is cleaner, healthier and I can see baby hairs starting to grow!
Remember, healthy hair starts from healthy scalp...always find the root problem! Lol...
(with a healthy diet and exercise of course!) 

(BEFORE: Oil clogged at the roots/pores)

(BEFORE: Red itchy scalp)

(BEFORE: Traces of dandruff)

(AFTER: Clean scalp, not clogged and oily)

(AFTER: Baby hairs emerging!)

I especially love the shampoo that they use!!!
It leaves a cooling n refreshing minty sensation to the scalp, even after it was washed off!
You can even buy their products if you like.

You also have a choice of natural colored or colorless paste! 
I chose the clear one the first 2 times and decided to go for the colored one for my last appointment as advised by my therapist!
The color is a very subtle tinge of red.
Which I'm liking it since my hair needed some change!

- Do wear black or dark colored shirt especially if you choose the colored paste!
- Do note since they use ONLY 100% Herbal ingredients, there's bound to be herbal smell
       It will linger for a few days but not to worry, my hubby did not notice the smell. Lol! 
       If you are into Chinese herbal medicine, you won't mind the smell. 
- FREE WiFi!!! Or read a book or magazine? 
       I chose to shut off, shutdown and relax! 



- Remember to call to book your appointment (best to come during weekdays non peak hours) 

Overall a wonderful pampering ME time...
Everyone should do it for their sanity! 
Men, don't worry! 
There's also for you guys too... 
There are many unisex Bee Choo locations all throughout Singapore.
Go pamper yourself too and you will definitely look and feel good after your session.
You can thank me later!!! 

Address: 5 Pahang Street
Singapore 198606
Tel: +65 6291 5354

Operating Hours:
Weekdays – 10am to 7pm (last appointment)
Weekends & Public Holidays – 9am to 4:30pm (last appointment)

Peak Hours:  5pm to 7pm Weekdays, Weekends & Public Holidays (15-30 mins of waiting time)

Disclaimer: I have received this service in exchange for my honest (with love) review. 
All opinions are solely my own.

*so nice to bump into a fellow mommy blogger!

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Sri Bayu Balinese Spa review

Sri Bayu Balinese Spa review

Have you stepped into a massage spa in Bali and felt like you are in "heaven" and refuse to leave by the end of it? I did during my 2 visits to Bali.
But fret not, as you can now enjoy this euphoric experience right in Singapore!
It is a jem tucked away in an oasis of tranquility situated right at Safra Yishun Country club. 

Perfect for a family day outing where everyone can enjoy family activities separately or together as a family while having food choices right in the same vicinity! 
You practically can spend the whole day there. 

There are lots of services provided by Sri Bayu from your head to the toes of your feet... Literally!!! 

                   (photo credit: Sri Bayu)

Being a stay at home mom (with no help other than Mr. Hubby), it is hard to steal pockets of time to pamper myself. But I learnt that every momma should pamper ourselves once in a while so that we come back feeling fresh, rejuvenated & re-energized!
Might sound selfish but we need to take care of ourselves first so we can better care for our kids n family!!!

Little did I know that this spa offers couple room where both mommy n daddy can enjoy massages while de-stressing together!!! 

All their services are for men too!!! 
From hair treatments, facials, all varieties of massages including foot massages, etc. 

          (photo credit: Sri Bayu)

          (photo credit: Sri Bayu)

I did their signature massage treatment which is the traditional Balinese massage.
They have tons to choose from (Swedish massage, acupressure massage, aromatherapy massage, etc...) 
I was pampered from head to toe for a full hour of uninterrupted peace and relaxation!!! 
It was a wonderful pampering experience 💆‍♀️

The massage therapist took great care of me.
First things first, she cleaned my feet with a warm towel before starting the session which I'm so thankful for. Just imagined, some massage places (that I've been to) just quickly dive straight into it starting the massage from your feet first n continuing throughout your whole body!!!!
***Eeeekks***, my OCD for personal hygiene won't like it and definitely would have left me with an unpleasant and uneasy feeling!

At one point during the massage I dozed off! 
That's how calming the effect truly was.
All my muscle knots and tensions seemed to have melted away!

(This picture was taken right after my massage session. Don't mind my *just woke up* look)

Everybody was really nice n welcoming from the time I stepped in till I left.
From the front desk, to the friendly manager and finally the ginger tea was a warm ending to my pampering session! 

Love how small little touches like these enhances the whole experience!

The spa is very spacious and most importantly very clean!!! 
It is definitely a place I would recommend for everyone. 

They do take group bookings too! 
Think ladies hens night, corporate event, company spa retreat, etc...

                         (photo credit: Sri Bayu)

For couple booking think Valentines Day, loved one's birthday, mother's day, etc...

                    (photo credit: Sri Bayu)

For single booking think for yourself, your friends, your family member, a soon to be mommy (pre & post natal massage), soon to be bride, etc...

          (photo credit: Sri Bayu)

Currently they are running a promotion right now 1 for 1.
Do check it out...
Good things must share!!!

          (photo credit: Sri Bayu)

Do note that they are closed on Monday!
I went there on a weekday so it wasn't crowded. 
Do call beforehand to make your appointment.

Sri Bayu - Balinese Spa
60 Yishun Ave 4 01-V3
Yishun, 769027, Singapore
Disclaimer: I have received this service in exchange for my honest (with love) review. 
All opinions are solely my own.