Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Baby Si beyond infinity solid food...

Baby Si beyond infinity solid food...

New food introduced:
.grapes (be sure to half or quarter it to prevent choking)... But now baby Si is an expert (thanks to gong gong for the training), just give her the whole bunch and she can pluck and eat the whole grapes!!!
.Cows milk (to be intro 12+ mths) <~ mixed it with her wheetabix cereal for her breakfast.
.coconut milk <~ baby Si loves "nasi lemak" just like her mummy!!! Yummy coconut fatty rice ;) on a side note, she also loves chicken rice!!! Double whammy... Now mummy n baby Si can share a meal from the same plate :)
.chocolate <~ baby Si rejected her 1 yr old bday cake, and also mummy n daddy's fav chocolate brownies... Then this mummy decided to give her some choc cupcakes at a friends wedding and she ate few mouthfuls ;) without any icing or fondant of course...
.durian <~ in malaysia and during the durian buffet...Click here!!!...tried a few times but baby Si kept rejecting it...oh well, baby Si very "ang moh" just like daddy! Yeay, that means more yummylicious durian all for mummy!!!
.peanut butter (sandwich)...her new fav. breakfast just like daddy!

Finger food:
.baby Si is able to eat chunks of chicken (dark meat) with only her 2 bottom teeth?
But now that she has more teeth sprouting, I'm sure it's much easier...
She loves chicken the most (out of all the meats)...
.raisins...she gulps it down!!!
.fishball...another meal that mummy n baby can share...kuay teow fishball noodle soup!!!

So what does baby Si think of her gourmet meal???

Baby Si: "mummy, I'm getting better at this eating thingy!!!"
Mummy: "can't wait when mummy don't have to pack any food from home whenever we go out!!!"

What new food should I intro next?
Stay tune to find out ;)

Here's a video of baby Si eating her fav seaweed bought from Korea...
seaweed eating machine...Click here!!!

Friday, 19 July 2013

S.E.A aquarium...

Look who came to visit me for 2 whole weeks??? Gong gong!!!
And he took me and mummy to see the biggest aquarium in south east Asia!!! It is called the SEA aquarium located at resorts world sentosa...later we found out that the SEA stands for south east Asia and not the sea...hehehehe....it was much bigger than the existing underwater world that Singapore was famous for! I guess nobody will wanna visit the older one... Oh yeah, if u are a senior/student u get $10 off... And of course free for me (if u are wearing diapers, and below the age of 5)
Oh don't forget to buy ur tickets online...(lesson learnt) or else u end up queuing in the hot sun just like my mummy!!! Mummy thought that since its the weekday Friday, it won't be too crowded...

Mummy has been telling me the day before, that we will be seeing lots of fishes...but I guess I wasn't prepared as I got scared as soon as we walked in and faced the huge aquarium! But after a few minutes, I got over my fears! And soon started pointing to all the "wi wis"... *baby Si calls fish, wi wi till this day! Not sure why, maybe coz it sounds like "yu" in Chinese? Oh well, baby talk!*

Mummy got to pet some sea creatures too... Starfish, sea cucumbers, and lots of other fishes! Mummy said I'm too young... But I did get to see lots of huge sting rays, dolphins, sharks, etc... And small ones like little nemo...I still call all those "wi wis"!!!

At the very end, there's a place to just chill, relax and seat down while watching the huge aquarium! It's like seating in a movie theater...minus the popcorn!
Oh yeah, one tip to share...once u reach the end facing the huge screeN aquarium, make sure don't exit to the right like most people will automatically do. Then u would think, that's it??? Is that all??? Instead exit to ur left and u will make a u turn and there's plenty more to see...the best part is at the very end where u will be greeted by sharks!!!

We ate at chillis for lunch...coz gong gong wanted some sandwiches but ended up with a huge burger! Which by the way was a disappointment! Gong gong and mummy agreed that McDonald's burger tasted way better... The meat was tasteless and bit cold and not juicy...Mummy said that she and daddy always order the same thing every time...their all time favorite Cajun chicken sandwich...a must try!!!

After all the "walking" (seating in the stroller for me), we had toast box for teatime... Cups of tea and varieties of breads...

I was too excited the whole day that I didn't even take any naps and mummy didnt get mad at me!!! We were out from 10-4pm!!! By the time we got home, I was knocked out and slept like a baby... *no pun intended* LOL...

more pics, Click here!!!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Happy bday to MiE MiE MiE!!!

Happy bday to MiE MiE MiE!!!

This post is somewhat different...coz it's not gonna be about baby Si but all about ME!!! Hehehehhe.... *sorry Si, mummy promised will insert some pics of u if she remembers*....

Okay...back to me... I had a wonderful birth day!!! Not only a day, but mr. Hubby gave me the whole weekend... Of coz what celebration is without FOOD...So we ate ate ate...hehehhe.....ate yummy taiwanese spicy noodles, Starbucks green tea pudding frappucino with our fav peanut butter stack cake and end off with tiffin buffet of all sorts. Since its a buffet, what better way to try new things that I wouldn't usually order. I had 2 roti honey and 1 roti tissue, while mr hubby had 2 egg tosai (recommended by gong gong) and 1 onion pratha.

For the first time ever, mr. Hubby made me a cup of coffee!!! U must b thinking, wow after all these years, he never made Any??? Well, he's so not Indian coz he doesn't drink either coffee or tea!!! So what better way to make a nice cup of cappuccino for his coffee wife drinker using the new coffee machine that mr. Hubby bought as a bday pressie!!! N who better to supervise daddy than baby Si...heheheh....woke up with the smell of coffee almost gave me a heart attack!!!

Mr hubby gave me another heart attack when he presented me with another bday present! Mind u, mr.hubby knows I'm not big into surprises... And this just blew me away!!! A very "atas" sunglasses...yeayyyyy....love it ;)
Now I just need to find a place to use it...yeayyy another beach holiday... Thailand again, mr hubby???

What a nice bday weekend spent with my love ones...my family!!!
Feels So blessed...Amen!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Somebody decided to walk today!!!

Baby si just turned 15 months a few days ago...

On 9th July around 5pm, baby Si took her many many steps by herself! It was her first time walking without any assistance!!! I was expecting just walking a few steps followed by lots of falling, wobbly-ness, boo boos, crying... But once again baby Si proved mummy wrong! She just took off and there was no stopping her!!! Was so exciting to see her squeak and squeals in delight...and this mummy was able to catch it on video!

That same night, baby Si decided to showcase her newfound talent to daddy and strutted her catwalk for a good 20 mins or so... Gong gong and po po also got lots of entertainment through FaceTime!!!

I guess my days of sitting and lazing on the couch is over as this little one has been on the move ever since...does that mean this mummy gets to exercise at the same time??? *lazy mode*

Oh did I mentioned that this is the best early birthday present??? Thank you my baby... This mummy hasn't stop smiling silly...

enjoy the video...Click here!!!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Happy 15 months baby Si!!!!

Baby Si turned 15 months on 6th July 2013!!! Which is today....yeayyyy!!!
(14 months old post <~ if u missed it)

Here's our monthly family tradition of taking Polaroid pics.
Hopefully baby Si pics will cheer up ur day!!! It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Also this 15 months is special as daddy decided to make a 15 mths old video...
Click here - 15 mths video

Milestones reached:
.Can drink with a straw. Tried showing her once before, but she ended up blowing instead of sucking. This time it happened naturally...while this mummy was drinking her fav "teh ping" aka ice milk tea, baby Si wanted some due to the heat and thirst I guess, she suck it like a pro and had her first taste of teh ping! No rush if u plan to teach ur babies how to use a straw, it will happen naturally n another tip is to demonstrate with a colored drink and make it fun!!!...
.Able to say "poo poo" after she does her business...now if only she can tell me beforehand, then it would be nice to start potty training her.
.1 tooth appeared on the top (finally!!!) and 1 more below (total of 3 below)...this mummy got kinda worried as baby Si had only 2 teeth for the longest time. But according to Click here!!! , the longer the teeth pops out, the healthier their permanent teeth will be in the future...yeay!!!