Sunday, 29 June 2014

Still in awe and starstruck!!!

Had such a fun and amazing time "hanging" out and cooking with celebrity chef Bobby Chinn and famous Singapore blogger Xia Xue!!! (See previous blog post)

Even after few days have past, I'm still in awe and star struck :)

In case you missed our LIVE google hangout, You can still catch us on:

Too bad the echo was pretty bad...other than that, everything turned out quite well for being a LIVE show :)
Chef Bobby Chinn was doing his "thang" and cooking up a storm! 
While XiaXue was no doubt an awesome host :)

Thank you Nestlé for organizing this event...and for this once in a lifetime opportunity!!!
Cheers to healthy, easy and most importantly yummy meals from now on :)
Let us all pledge 'W' for "WELLNESS"!!!

(P/s: just made mango sticky rice (with the leftover sticky rice from the cooking show) last night and substituted the coconut milk with my awesome HOMEMADE yogurt (healthier option) and it was a HIT with the Si finished it with finger licking good!!!

Special thanks to the "behind the scenes" peeps:
1) The audio and visual guy AKA mr. Hubby...tks for holding baby Skye till he fell asleep in ur arms...
2) The babysitter AKA Gong gong... Specially flown in from KL *nahhhh, he just so happened to visit at the right time :)* ... Tks for bringing baby Si out to clementi mall for some bonding time over Ramen noodles :)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Me with celebrity chef BOBBY CHINN and famous Singapore BloggerXiaXue??? *am I dreaming <-- PINCH SELF*

As a mom of 2 young kids + my big baby mr. Hubby, I have started being more health conscious when it comes to eating... And obviously COOKING :)
1) Since I'm (.)(.) feeding baby Skyler, everything I eat, he eats too ;) 
2) For Sienna, I have yet to fully introduce salt to I'm trying ways to add spices to SPICE up her meals...
3) For dear mr. Hubby, he is the sole bread winner, thus being healthy is important to bring in the DOUGH *no pun intended... LOL* 
4) Last but not least, I want a healthier MIE :) JAMIE... U dont wanna mess around with a cranky mum :p even though I'm back to my pre pregnancy weight *thanks to the power of (.)(.)feeding* and could fit into my skinny jeans without any exercise except for house chores and running around with the kids...
Shedding a few more kilos will make me a hot momma wannabe??? *dream on*...

Anyways, back to the main topic...
So here it is :)
Learn how to cook healthy and delicious meals that are easy to prepare... 
I will be "cooking" in a cook-along with celebrity chef Bobby Chinn and famous Singapore blogger Xiaxue (!
Watch us LIVE and in action on The Nestle Wellness Cook-along Google+ Hangout on 26 June via this youtube link:
8 pm SG time
1 pm UK time
8 am US time

SEE YOU GUYS THERE !!! Thanks to this wonderful age of World Wide Web... And Google+ hangout...And thanks to Nestlé for giving me this great opportunity!! :)

*wish me luck*... Nervous... If u see shaky hands in the video, it would be mine! *blames the coffee addict in me*

Don't forget to RSVP at:
Bobby Chinn & Xiaxue are all set to show you how easy it is to whip up a delicious healthy meal at home. Tune in LIVE, to The Nestlé Wellness Cook-along on Thu, 26 Jun at 8pm. RSVP now: 

Saturday, 14 June 2014

HAPPY DADDY's day!!!

Dedication to mr. Hubby:
My hubby is the best dad to our 2 yr old daughter and 4 mths old son!!!
We have no relatives here in Singapore to help, neither did we want to employ any help...
So it's just the 2 of us with our kids. He is a very hands on daddy!!!
He is not the PERFECT DAD but the BEST DAD to our kids :)
Couldn't have done it without your help mr. Hubby...
Wifey :)

PICTURE ABOVE: 1st Father's Day in 2012... 
One child: baby sienna :)

PICTURE ABOVE: Father's Day 2014
Two kids: Sienna and baby Skyler (Looks like somebody has his hands FULL) 

 Dedication to my Papa:
My papa is the best... Travels the world and never fails to bring me on his many trips!!! So many childhood memories of us traveling round the WORLD!!! And now, he's doing the same to his granddaughter too... Creating more wonderful memories...That's us in the picture  doing what we do best...traveling!!! Happy Father's Day papa...looking forward to many more memories together!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Mustela Stelatopia set review

Recently I was one of the 5 lucky winners to win Mustela products worth $96 but with a catch...I need to do a product review... Note: this is NOT a PAID advertisement!!!
This is my HONEST I only do HONEST, with LOVE reviews...

So I was told to try the Mustela Stelatopia Set on my kids for 2 weeks...and take a before n after pics!
To be honest, prior to this, I have not heard of this brand from any fellow mummies before nor have I paid attention to it unlike the other well known brands. So when I won this product, I went online to do"mummy research" about the product and found that it is all pure natural as it is purely made of natural ingredients! Also it is Made in france...french people have nice skin???no???
It hits all the right spots for this mummy!!! (*this mummy always research especially before putting anything on my kids) 
A) natural product...STERIOD-free, paraben free...
B) FRENCH product...
C) baby Skyler has a VERY VERY severe case of CRADLE CAP (*any mummy can relate to this if you have experience cradle cap with your child before-it is a pain in the butt)!!! I went thru it with my first baby, baby Sienna!!! It took about 1 year to finally see the last traces of cradle cap! Trust me, I tried all sorts of remedies and lotions... (Applying virgin coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, (.)(.) MILK <- yes, u heard that right...BREAST MILK, massaging, brushing, etc)... The only thing I did NOT try is putting on a "miracle" cream that contains STERIOD in it which mummies claimed that their babies cradle cap vanished within a day!!! What kind of strong toxic ingredients must it contain to be SO EFFECTIVE :p 
So this time with baby Skye, I did the same as mentioned above plus I even shaved his wonderful full head of hair. Lots of cradle cap came off easily and this mummy was extremely happy thinking it will be gone...but NOOOOoo, the cradle cap came back with a vengeance!!!

***So lets begin!***
This mummy was a bit confused when it came to the 2 products... The "how to use" section on the box was very brief and short as it had to be translated into a few languages. When comparing between the two, It doesn't have much difference written on it. So this mummy concluded: 
1) "small bottle" which is the "Purifying recovery cream" and thicker consistency means it is a CREAM and more POTENT means to be spread at the affected area (red spots around baby sienna's mouth area, and baby skylers cradle cap)
2) "bigger bottle" which is the "Emollient cream" and thinner consistency means it is a LOTION meant to be spread all over the rest of the body

The last product which is the "cream cleanser" I used it on both baby sienna and baby skyler for their everyday baths...

The products does not mentioned anything about using it on cradle just mentioned to be use on severe dry skin And NOT TO BE used on OOZING SORES...But since this mummy was desperate and heartache seeing baby skyler suffer (note: cradle cap doesn't hurt but the sight of it is a sore to anyone's eyes), this mummy applied the "Purifying recovery cream" to the affected area avoiding the OOZING SORES! 

To my surprised, on the 2nd day, baby skyler's cradle cap GOT WORSE!!! (Let the pictures speak for itself)... I continued using the products religiously (I have waited for a year for baby sienna cradle cap to be completely gone, and 4 months for baby skyler thus far) so what's 2 weeks of applying this product??? So this mummy "jia you"... As the saying goes, "things gets worse before it gets better"!!!

***the RESULT***
HOW HAPPY THIS MUMMY TURNED OUT after 2 weeks of "hard work"!!! 
Let the pics speak for itself :) :) :) 

Mr. Hubby says when he married me..."happy wife, happy life"
This mummy says... "Happy babies, happy mummy!!!"

So lets do the equation...happy babies=happy mummy=happy hubby==happy LIFE!!!"

***the CONCLUSION***
Thank you Spring Maternity for doing this giveaway and Mustela for this awesome product!
Can't wait to try more of Mustela products :)

P/s: if anyone wants me to review their products and services, please do not hesitate to contact me at: 
I will be more than happy to review for u... :)
Caution: be prepared for my HONEST made with lots of LOVE review!!! Muahahaha....


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Kids say the DARNdest things...

So as always, we take the MRT everywhere we go...
(for my readers outside of Singapore/Msia, MRT= trains)
After having baby skyler, we tend to avoid public buses...

Back to the topic of this blog...
 As usual, whenever we take the MRT, baby sienna will say things like:
"Jie jie dress/nail polish/etc...hen piao lee-ang" = the lady's dress/nail polish/etc... Is very pretty
"Hi everybody!!!" <-- starts soft and gradually louder and louder until the person acknowledges her!!! She will look at me with her puppy eyes if that person doesn't acknowledge her... And continues saying hi to them LOUDLY...
Starts singing...

She entertains people on the MRT while getting loads of smiles and praises from them...

But this caught me by surprised as just recently: 
"The uncle du zi hen ta....HOR????" = the uncle tummy is very BIG...right???"
"The uncle mei you tou fa...OOOOOOoooo" = the uncle doesn't have any hair...Oh"

It caught this mummy by surprise!!!
*O-OOOoooooooHhhhhhh* *hides face in one corner*

Wanted to pretend I'm the "maid", but just then sienna turned around and said:
"Mummy, mummy... Wo yau Che raisins!!!" = mummy, mummy... I wanna eat my raisins!!!

There goes my coverup!!! This mummy left the MRT quickly and blushing-ly... :p

Oh well, lesson learnt!!! 
Kids are innocent and honest... The person might get a wake up call :)

On a side note:
Sienna often tells mummy... "Mummy hen piao lee-ang" = mummy is very pretty and gives me hugs and kisses... :) *hearts melt*
Even when this mummy is dressed in home-drappy-clothes and messy bun up hair and smelly!!!
It puts a smile on my tired face coz she said that on Mother's Day (and every now and then)
but it made it much more special and worthwhile coz it was Mother's Day  :) 
She made MY day...
Happy belated Mother's Day to all mummies out there... U are ur kids BEST!!!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Happy 26 mths to baby Si and happy 4 mths to baby Skye!!!

Happy 26 mths to baby Si and happy 4 mths to baby Skye!!!

This mummy is back to restarting the monthly family tradition of snapping Polaroid pics...
(the last one <~ if u missed it) was running out of fridge place to display those Polaroids...does this mean we need to get another fridge...muahahaha...*hint hint mr. Hubby!!!* <--- kidding only, more fridge means more food means more of me LOVE handles...ishhh.....

This time there's gonna more than one star in the picture...
2 is a company...3 is a crowd :) 
so let's just keep it that way!!!
Just these 2 cuties in the pic...and leave mummy and daddy out... LOL!!!

Here's our monthly family tradition of taking Polaroid pics.
Hopefully baby Si n baby skye pics will cheer up ur day!!! 
It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:
. Baby Skye did his first roll over a couple of days ago!!! (Jie jie sienna got so excited when she saw how this mummy got excited and pulled out the camera n video, that she started to roll over as well with baby Skye!!! ***Do I have 2 babies??? Shakes head***