Friday, 8 April 2016

Happy 46 mths old to baby Si and happy 2 years old to baby Skye!!!

***yes a VERY delayed post as baby Skye turned 2 years old on 31 January!!! We've been SUPER busy these past few months...can't reveal anything yet...***keeping suspense*** Lols!!!
But hint hint: Feels more stressful than planning my own wedding n getting married!!! ***


Happy 46 mths old to baby Si and happy 2 years old to baby Skye!!!
(previous month's post <~ if u missed it!)

Here's our monthly family tradition of taking Polaroid pics.

By the way, this will be our LAST Polaroid pics since we just ran out of Polaroid films n we have since bid farewell to our beloved Polaroid camera to a new owner!!! 
It has served us well for the past almost 4 years with lots of wonderful pictures n memories...
It's also the perfect timing to stop jotting down the kids milestones (bittersweet moment) as Skyler is at the age (above 2) where he has met most of his baby stages milestones!!! 
***sob sob*** my baby-ish baby Skye has grown up...  :’-(

Hopefully baby Si n baby skye pics will cheer up ur day!!!
It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :) 

Since it was our last few Polaroid pics, we went against our monthly family tradition of just taking pics of the 2 kiddos... this momma decided to include mummy n daddy ~ thus our 1st n last Polaroid family wefie...

Milestones reached:
.Teething ~ 4 more teeth sprouting out (making it a total of 16!!! 8 top, 8 bottom)
Baby Skye does not "teeth" well... he gets fever every time, have a hard time sleeping as he gets discomfort n feels pain!!! Oh boy did he use me as his pacifier polar opposites with baby Si where there weren't any signs of her teething at all!!! She breezed thru it...
.say "pao pao" and puts his hand on his stomach to indicate full after eating too much! ~ update : he can say lots of words now including "papa", "more", "po po", "gong gong", etc... he says "anh" for "Dzao-anh" = good morning!!! He says only the back portion...
.scooter ~ he one day decided to get on the scoot n scoot by himself!!! But so far he prefers holding the handles n "walk" with it instead of scooting!

.understand instructions n is well aware of his surroundings. He will bring clean clothes to mummy after my shower, throw his diapers n put his dirty clothes in his laundry basket, etc...

.first time being sent to the notty room just cause he threw a tantrum for not sharing two rubberbands with jie jie... he went on and on n hyperventilate!

.train to sleep without mummy (trying to wean him off night breastfeeding as he still wakes up ever so often during the night ~ at times using me just as a pacifier) but this got put on hold and everything got reverted back as we had visitors staying with us for 2 weeks...***this momma is zombified ~ haven't had a good night sleep ever since the kiddos were born... I need my beauty sleep back***

.upgraded from a finger toothbrush to a real big boy toothbrush!

.fear of buttons just like jie jie...hoping this phase will pass by real quick as all of baby Skye's "going out" aka "kai kai" clothes are with buttons!!! And he will soon outgrow it but yet he only wore most of it a few times!!!
.started sending her to Chinese tuition class once a week for an hour and she loves it!

.able to recognize Chinese characters just after 3 lessons in Chinese tuition class
.able to write all her numbers

.able to tie things with rubber band...learnt it herself. (Not perfect yet but good enough)

.able to button her shirt

.basic math - add n subtract

.Bid farewell to her baby cot that she has been sleeping on for the past 2 years (since baby Skye was born)... can't believe she could still fit into it n still happy to sleep in it!
Skye n Si ~
.went on their 1st long distance bus ride (4 hours total) from Singapore to melaka!!! No ipads... no phones but definitely snacks n singing songs to keep them busy... they slept mostly (thank God) since we woke up at 6.30am... well the big comfy reclining seat helped too. Mummy n daddy were happily snoring too! yayyy to more road trips!!! ***this momma got worried the night before for no reasons***
*There isn't any Throwback to baby Si's 2 years old coz that was when baby Skye was born and the blog was put on a temporary hold --> click here for my "goodbye" blog post.