Tuesday, 20 January 2015

SIENNA 1st day of school in her LIFE...

Jan 5th 2015 marked her first day of school...
Even though it's just playgroup, can it still be considered as school?
It was indeed a bittersweet moment sending her off...daddy was there to send her in while mummy and baby Skye peeped from the outside thru the big glass window.
No crying at all to my brave lil' one :) 
Well she's been going to Sunday school for a while now....so this 2 hrs of playgroup is a breeze!!!
Wished it was a tad bit longer though...
Thankfully her playgroup is just DOWNSTAIRS!!! Or else, the travelling time there and back to drop her off and pick her again is just not worth it...

Sienna was all excited as almost everyday we walk pass by her "school" and we've been prepping her about it. But I think she was mainly eye-ing on the kitchen toy set and all the cooking utensils :) don't think the word "school" has sunked in yet... 

1st day:
She was so eager and excited to go when she woke up that morning.
And true enough, right after her daddy sent her in, she made a dash to the kitchen play set... Busy cooking, using the fridge, microwave, oven, etc...and serving it to mummy thru the glass windows...
Mr. Hubby left for work while mummy n baby Skye stayed outside, peeping. Was suppose to stay only for a bit but ended up staying for 1 hour as this mummy was busy chatting with other mummies/grandmas/helpers... "Mummies networking"....hehehehe
Parent/guardian is allowed to stay with their child for this whole week of orientation. But mr hubby and I decided that it was best for us to not "sit in"... Plus Sienna was doing well anyways...
Rewarded Sienna with a lollipop when I went to pick her up! 
She immediately cried as soon as she saw me....!!! She said she missed me...
***awwwwww-hugs hugs****
But at the same time she said she had so much fun n kept talking about school, friends, teacher, toys, biscuits snacks, etc...

2nd day: yet again, Sienna was happy and ready for school...
This time, we were the first few to check in....so decided to let baby Skye join in the "play time"...
Was about to leave after all the kids checked it, then the teacher announced it was "mandarin/chinese day" today....apparently every tues n thurs the classes are taught in Chinese (that was one of the MAIN reason we decided on this school)....so curiosity got this mummy and decided to stay to check the program out..
Was stopped by one of the teachers, asking me if I was sienna's mum.... Then I said yes! 
She told me I could leave if I wanted to, as Sienna was well behaved the 1st day and that i was not needed...hahhaha
Told her i was there not for Sienna but to see their program...especially their Chinese lessons...and to see how they handle the kids, and what all that goes on!
Baby Skye coincidentally enjoyed his "1st day of school too" :) a few parents commented that baby Skye was the most well behaved kid there...hehehe... 
Sienna on a few occasions "protected" her "di di" when a few kids came to snatch his toy...

So far to Sienna, school = play = toys = friends....!!! Hope she can enjoy it as long as possible :)
It's her 2nd day of school and she's already scored a birthday invitation card for a party at school tomorrow!!! YEAY to yummy cakes.... Should this mummy sit in again??? ***Muahahaha....evil laugh***
Okay off to pack a present for the birthday boy

#update - 3rd week of school... She is learning so much!!! coming back and telling stories, singing nursery rhymes, painting, pretending to be the teacher and "teaching" skyler and us - using her flash cards, reciting the DAYS, MONTHS, etc...
She loves her uniform and request for "BOO" hairstyle everyday.... :) 

She does cry a bit every now n then when I drop her off coz she want me to "manja" her...and that she is gonna miss me... But all is well when I leave right away and she sees her friends, toys n teachers :)

More pics on mr. Hubby Facebook...
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Baby Skye 2nd (and onwards) solid food...

Baby Skye 2nd (and onwards) solid food...

When baby Skye turned 6 mths, this mummy thought that its gonna be easy peasy....
Just "copy and paste" from my old blog post on what baby Si did when she just started her solid food!

But ended up, this mummy was too lazy to purposely make a trip to the supermarket just to get the same veg/fruit as baby Si's... So I just use "whatever I could find in the fridge at that moment in time"!!!
(This is what happens when u have 2 kiddos- just make do!!!)

(Plz skip this section as its intended for my reference)
1st solid food: brown rice cereal (click here if u missed baby Skye 1st solid food)
2nd: banana (I still remember the first word baby Si said was NANA referring to BANANA and not SIENNA....as she liked bananas a lot, just like daddy ... So, every now and then, Daddy will call Sienna as "NANA BANANA!!!")
3nd: rice cereal
4th: apple (didn't like it at first coz of the sour taste perhaps... But then gobbled all up)
5th: anchovies (yeah the diagram says to serve fish at 10 mths, yeah yeah yeah - dont shoot me!!! so I cheated coz the rice cereal I bought came with anchovies :p )
6th: pumpkin (liked)
7th: peas
8th: carrot
9th: cherry
10th: papaya
11th: oatmeal
12th: peach
13th: salmon
14th: broccoli
15th: prunes
16th: wheat
17th: potato
18th: chicken
19th: beef
20th: avocado
21st: pork
22nd: spinach
23rd: green beans
24th: corn
25th: French beans
26th: cauliflower 
27th: nectarine
28th: eggplant
29th: tofu
30th: mushroom
31st: sesame seeds
32nd: millet
33rd: yogurt

(P/s: I stopped commenting after the 6th food as with all babies, their tastebuds have not fully develop yet thus they do not have much preference or reactions except for extreme tasting food like lemons, bittergourd, etc) <--- have not tried those yet
so far, baby Skye has been gobbling down every thing I feed him...he is a BIG EATER!!! Not picky either...but then again, babies will start being picky once their tastebuds are fully develop and once they tasted mcd's...LOLs...

Finger food: rice, baby rusks biscuit, yogurt melts, banana, whole wheat bread, egg whites, grapes, orange

But I do follow CLOSELY this helpful diagram which I used for baby Si as well...(see pic below)
It guides me on what food to introduce when...
And also helpful in listing down all different types of food so this mummy don't have to crack my head!
I just need to cross off those that I have used...
That way baby Skye gets all nutrients from different varieties :)
I have a few more food items to check off from this list...but baby Skye is turning 1 soon so this diagram is NO LONGER NEEDED!!! He is free to eat "anything"... 

Oh yeah I do mix n match the food I have introduced (make porridge) and will introduce a new food into baby Skye's porridge ... Do follow the 4-day rule period and look out for food allergy :)

Happy cooking and have fun to all new mummies out there!!!

Taken from:

Baby Skye, "which shall I "attack" first???"

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy 33 mths to baby Si and happy 11 mths to baby Skye!!!

Happy 33 mths to baby Si and happy 11 mths to baby Skye!!!

(previous month's post <~ if u missed it!

Here's our monthly family tradition of taking Polaroid pics.
Hopefully baby Si n baby skye pics will cheer up ur day!!!
It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:
.Baby Skye crawling everywhere like a Spider-Man
.Baby Skye finally able to sit up unsupported without being wobbly!
.Baby Skye cruising along the couch...
.Baby Skye standing for long periods of time
.Baby Skye weight=8.5kg
.Baby Skye started on porridge!!! Yeayyy no more purees...the blender has been kept away :)
.Just in the span of within this month, baby Skye graduated to porridge, and now he's onto REAL solid food...normal RICE!!! But just to be on a safe side, I'm still mixing it with his porridge (soft rice+normal rice)
.started brushing Baby Skye gums to promote tooth growth as adviced by the paeditrician...
(Although baby Skye is much slower compared to baby Si, but Am not worried that he hasn't sprout any teeth yet as the longer it takes the better it is...)

.baby Si finally finished her vaccinations...just in time to start school on January 5th!!!
This mummy has been delaying sending her to school (in denial of wanting to let go my baby!!!)
But now the TIME HAS COME :) she's starting on 5th January...can't wait or can I??? ***dilemma***
Yes, my baby is all grown up and ready to go to school...this mummy can't wait! Although it's just a 2hrs playgroup (wished it was a tad bit longer), coz this mummy can spend 2 hrs QUALITY time with baby Skye daily!!! Who am I kidding? More like spending quality time with cooking, running errands, grocery shopping, hse chores, etc...but with skyler in tow of course! 
So is it consider bonding time with skyler too? Hehehehe...
.Baby Si weight=11kg (been this constant ever since a year now I think)...she's growing vertically but shrinking horizontally??? thus the constant weight...
.Baby Si able to count backwards...5 to 0!
.Baby Si able to count instantaneously without starting from 1 or without pointing.
.Baby Si counting in Tamil 1-5
.Baby Si counting in mandarin from 1-20
.Baby Si scoot-ing on her scooter... Even from the start, she wasn't scared to try. By her 2nd attempt, she was already scoot-ing away and so confident!
Link of video here...

.Mr. Hubby just got Instagram!!!!!!!! Sorry if he's been insta-spamming you with pics...
Plz don't unfollow him...I promise the insta-fever won't last :p