Wednesday, 19 March 2014

HAPPY happy day!!!

***special note: 
From my previous blog entry, I mentioned that I'm "retiring" for a bit from the blogging world to spend time with my newborn baby Skye and toddler baby Si.
So mr. Hubby has taken over my blog and this post is worth putting up!!! Read more below!!!

"Happiness is contagious... So SPREAD IT!!!
make sure to smile :) n ur smile will somehow make its way back to u!!!" 
<~ quote by urs truly, Jamie chaw

***blog post below written by mr. Hubby: 

Today (march 20th, Thursday) is United Nations' International Day of Happiness...
So Happy 'Happy Day' to all!

In conjunction with this annual event, I joined my mba friend of almost 4 years Nino (who is currently writing a happiness book) and a few other friends to go around singapore with a video camera and an amplifier blasting Pharrell Williams' song Happy.  We then edited and uploaded the video to youtube:
-> Check out mr. Hubby's (3 secs of fame) dance moves at 0:36-0:39

The filming locations in Singapore included:
Clarke Quay
Marina bay sands (including filming on the skypark next to the infinity pool with the chief operating officer of MBS!)
Little India
Arab Street

We went to Scape to film some of the talented pro dancers at OSchool!

We were pleasantly surprised that after asking more than 50 people randomly if they wanted to take part in being filmed dancing to a song that many of them hadnt heard yet, most of them said Yes.  Some surveys say that singapore is not a very happy nation, but you wouldnt guess that based on these experiences!  Also the diversity of races and ages and personalities in singapore was on full display...

As if filming and seeing people smile and dance wasnt enough, after uploading the video, Channel News Asia asked to use it on their AM Live show!  This Singapore based news channel is broadcast to more than 20 asian countries.  This is a 'home video' of that segment...

Also, Suntec contacted us to play it on their HD screen... which happens to be in the Guinness book of records as the largest HD screen in the world!

To top things off, Pharrell complimented the video by commenting on the youtube video via his online handle iamOTHER.

I want to say once again, thanks to all the fun, happy, brave people that participated, where ever you might be!  Although we probably didnt know where this fun little project would lead, hopefully it has brought smiles to many peoples faces...  spread the happiness!

    Behind the scenes crew...hardworking volunteers!!!
    (From left mr. Hubby aka sound guy, mr. Boss of, miss video lady)