Monday, 27 June 2016

"Will travel when kids are older"

How many dozen times have u heard this phrase from fellow parents,
"will travel once kids gets OLDER!!!"

Our 2 kids, Sienna n Skyler have been travelling around the world with us (the parents), n together with "gong gong" n "po po" (grandparents) n together with "chiu chiu" aka uncle Jeffrey...since they were in diapers (and still are!!)

I'm so thankful n blessed to have this opportunity to bring them with us everywhere we go.
I'm pretty sure they have travelled to more countries than most adults... 
n Sienna is just 4.5 yrs old n baby Skyler 2.5 yrs old...

Let me tell you 5 reasons why Mr. hubby and I decided to travel with a baby n then with 2 babies!!!

Reason 1: cheap flight tickets...
~Most tickets on budget airlines have a flat fee for infant (2 years and below) tickets n is very cheap!
~Most airlines are FREE for infant for domestic travel within the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
~Whereas on full fare airlines, infant tickets are "FREE" for international travels!!! 
*"FREE" ~ either only pay taxes or 10% of the adult fare.
Imagine a long haul flight n you can bring ur baby anywhere for "free"???
ok, start planning your next babymoon trip to your dream destination NOW!!!
Why not take advantage of this "too good to be true offer"?  Lols...

Reason 2: accommodation cost the SAME!!!
Accommodation for our family of 2 adults n 2 babies costs the same as when we were travelling as a couple...
Unless your baby kicks u off the bed, then a standard room is just fine!!!
Most hotels will provide a baby cot if they have one available. Do check beforehand.

Reason 3: kids are easily adaptable to change!
Have u heard of friends saying
"I can't meet u for coffee at a certain time, coz its my kids nap time"
"I can't bring my kids travelling anywhere as they need their comfy familiar beds n pillows"
"Why schedule kids event at 2pm when it's clearly when kids will nap!"
"How bout their home cooked meals? What will my baby eat?"

Let me tell you and remind you that the sooner you break this rigid rules set by yourselves (in your own mind), the better off you will be as parents...
you are learning to "let go", n let your kids grow!!!
Of course, most days sticking to a schedule is the best for both baby n mummy... but once in a while, you gotta do what you gotta DO!!!

Babies are more easily adaptable to change than adults are!!!
Sienna n Skyler have always slept in their strollers during their naptime (or wayyy past it)...
They ate everything n anything when we travel...fruits are their best friend when all things fail. (I've never once cook or bring a slow cooker with me when we travel...who wants to cook when you are on holidays???
***Not this momma for sure!!!***
The most I've done is using the hotel electric kettle to boil hard boil eggs!!! I still remember baby Sienna will chow down those like water (she still does love her hard boil eggs till this day)!!! N did you know hard boiled eggs are good for travelling too as it can be kept well for a few hours (without cracking it)...

I've also breastfed baby Si n baby Skye almost anywhere n everywhere!!! 
Up on top of a double decker bus during our tour while enjoying Tokyo views, soaking the sun on phuket Thailand beach, many times in flight, in trains, while eating ramen, having my foot massage, etc

Reason 4: kids learn to appreciate other cultures, race, religion, food, etc
Sienna still remembers most of all her trips. 

She knows n can tell the difference between Korean n Japanese language whenever she hears it! She can recognize different races n different costume attires...she's curious about the type of food we eat n will ask which kind of cuisine it is! Etc...
Whenever I travel, the thing I look most forward to is eating n trying local food. I would do research on not only places to visit but places to EAT (all Malaysian can agree to this as we are foodies by nature) !!! So the kids have eaten all types of food. They eat whatever mommy eats ...

Reason 5: "YOU" want to travel!

If you hate travelling n hate being out of your comfort zone... travelling with a baby will simply make your ride a nightmare!!!

If you've been following this blog, you would have read about all my family past adventures and "mummy tips" I've provided, specific to each country we've visited...
I've been travelling since a kid n can't stop ever since!!!
You can take shoes off me but you can't take the travelling shoes off of me...Lols!!!
Lucky me, I've found Mr. Hubby who's joined me in this crazy adventure ride ...n now we've flown across the world (Singapore to USA) doing our greatest adventure ~ for at least a few YEARS!!!

In case you've missed my previous post ~> "10 tips to surviving a 24 hrs plane ride with 2 kids!!!"

Disclaimer: do note travelling with a baby (much less, with 2 babies) has not been a bed of roses... but lets just say, the journey itself is an adventure and I'm making every "mile" count while creating memories along the way!!!

Hope you are too ;)