Friday, 10 June 2016

How we survived a 24 hrs plane ride... with 2 kids!

Without any gadgets ~  ipads or smartphones!!!

If you've been following our family, you would have known that we LOVE travelling (especially this mummy)!!!
Can't seem to take off n surrender my travelling shoes even after having 2 kids now.
We are now on our BIGGEST adventure... travelling across the world (well, back to Mr. Hubby's hometown... USA) for at least a few years!!! TBD...
We've done lots of short n medium haul flights with the 2 kids but this will be our 1st LONG LONG haul ....

So here's 10 tips to surviving a 24 hrs plane ride with 2 kids!!!
(P/s: I'm sure there's more, so feel free to leave me a comment... would love to hear your experience too!!!)

Tip 1: bring lots of snacks!!!
Especially lollipops...
Since Skyler doesn't take the pacifier or the bottle, we have learnt from our previous plane rides that nursing him during take off and landing doesn't usually happen, now that he's 28mths old.
So we found a substitute ~ a lollipop! This will definitely help to relief the ear pressure (don't take it lightly as we've experience with Skyler having ear pressure and it wasn't a pleasant flight n even after reaching our destination) and it keeps them occupied long enough for them to sit still in their seats with their seatbelts.
If you are scared of giving too much lollipops (taking off n landing = 2), they do sell smaller versions of the lollipops and organic ones made out of real fruit juices.

Tip 2:
When checking in ~ check in early (you would wanna check in early especially if you have kids n lots of luggages anyways) n ask if there's empty rows/seats!
Mr. Hubby n I were able to get extra seats for the kids to lie down to sleep comfortably...
And ask for window seats if you planning to nurse.

Tip 3: bring a changing pad or better still, pull up pants diapers!!!
We all know how filthy toilets are...what more plane toilets!!! Yes, we (cabin crew) do "clean" it (quickly) every chance we get to... but NEVER the changing tables! And did I mention, those changing tables are just too tiny!!! We decided to skip the changing tables and went straight to pull up diaper pants standing style!!! Just close to toilet seats and stand your kids up on the toilet seats!!!
***voila*** no more bumping your head into germ infested areas while squatting trying to fit you n your kid in that tiny space!!! N your kid is at a comfortable height for you to do the "dirty" work of cleaning them up!
But if your kid can't stand and if you have to use the changing table, plz clean it with a wet wipe and then use extra protection with your diaper changing pad.

Tip 4: sleep when your kid sleeps!!!
This is what every new mom learns when they have a newborn! But do we actually ever put that to practise???
Back then before having kids, me n Mr. Hubby aka Bf back then would stay up and watch as much movies as we can... while munching on snacks n food all throughout the flight ... only snoozing during take off n landing...hahahaha...making full use of our in flight entertainment + food!!! 
***need to make full use of our expensive plane ride***
But now that we have 2 kids, we sleep while they sleep or you end up being a big cranky kid!!!
Ok so now how do we sleep when the 2 kids don't sleep at the same time?
~> 1 parent to 1 child...Baby Skyler obviously auto choose mummy ~ still breastfeeding... while Sienna goes with daddy!!!
What if you have more than 2 kids???
Say lots of prayers n Good luck :)

Tip 5: bring lots of wet wipes...
Wipe down the seat area, seat belt buckle, arm area n especially the food tray table!!! N the toilet area!!!
Okay, this mummy is not really THAT OCD!!! I didn't clean all the items stated but I always make it a point to clean the food tray table n toilet area...

Tip 6: pre book your meals!!!
Yes, your meals are free on a full fare airline service... so why need to book?
That's coz we didn't want to end up having 4 of the same meals only to be hungry if the meal sucks! So we pre booked 4 different meals ~ Indian non vegetarian, Indian vegetarian, normal, kids meal. That way the kids eat whatever they like first, then the parents eat the leftovers...
***what's new??? Hhhmmmphhh***
Welcome to being a mummy... ur meal is made out of your kid's leftovers!!!
Sienna n Skyler were well fed throughout the flight that we didn't give them much snacks in between.
Do remember to load up on water/juices/drinks as it's dehydrating!!!

Tip 7: bring a lip balm n use it!!!
I remember when I was a kid and did my first long haul flight from KL to Los Angeles on first class!!! You heard that right, 1st class. But nothing was classy at all when I didn't get to enjoy any of it coz my lips started peeling n to make it worst, bleeding...
I couldn't enjoy any food nor drinks and was totally miserable throughout the flight. My first taste of Caviar n red wine was yucky as a kid (and as a grown up now). Lols...
Living in Asia, we've never used a lip balm before.... thanks to my dad who gave me a brand new lip balm just before this trip which reminded me of the incident. So I made sure all of us slathered on as much as we could n even reapplied after every few hours and after every meal/drinks!
Even now it's summer here in the USA, and Sienna's lips are a bit dry n she keeps asking for the lip balm every now and then.

Tip 8: do lots of stretching!!!
Every long haul flights, I have been nagging Mr. Hubby to not forget to stretch n walk around to avoid DVT ~ which is deadly !!!
But with kids, we have been walking non stop up and down the plane ... not because we want to but the kids will automatically drag u... so we've met pretty much the whole crew n passengers especially other kids!!! Keeps them occupied for a few hours...

Tip 9: bring activities/toys!!!
We didn't bring any as we were trying to travel "light" ~ truth be told we ran out of luggage space trying to minimize as much hand carry as possible!
But we usually don't bring any toys anyways... as we all know your kid might not even end up playing with his boring "old" toys!!!
Sienna n Skyler were happy with the in flight magazines, menu, safety card, etc...
Update: we did let each of them bring their small tiny back packs and made sure to involved them in the packing process.... For the few days leading up to the move, I told Sienna she could bring ANY toys she wanted as long as it could fit her backpack. So I find her packing, unpacking n repacking!!! Lols... ***decision...decision...decision***
Such stressful scenario at a young age!!!
Her "bear bear" and 7 princesses made the final cut!!!

Tip 10:
If ALL FAILS n don't work... time to bring out the gadgets!!!
Ipads n smartphones to the rescue...
We have not started this practise yet n don't plan to as we didn't want to make it a habit n have the kids associate gadgets to plane rides... I can't imagine my kids being glued to the screen for 24 hours!!!
And having to carry not just 1 iPad but 2???
***extra baggage is not welcomed***
Right now, Sienna n Skyler associates plane rides with lollipops which I'm totally fine ...
But if you must, I shall not judge ;)

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