Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Happy 37mths old to baby Si and happy 15 mths old to baby Skye!!!

Happy 37mths old to baby Si and happy 15 mths old to baby Skye!!!

(previous month's post <~ if u missed it!)

Here's our monthly family tradition of taking Polaroid pics.
Hopefully baby Si n baby skye pics will cheer up ur day!!!
It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:
.baby Skye able to "duck" in and out underneath small spaces to get his toys...
.baby Skye having a fascination for round things...balls, wheels, etc...he has been liking it for a few months now. This mummy didn't jot it down thinking it's just a short phase, but it's been ongoing for a few months!!!
.baby Skye standing on his own for a few seconds
.baby Skye walking backwards on his walker
.baby Skye squatting down 
.baby Skye holding a pen to doodle on the doodling board 

.baby Si is finally bib-less for good now :) she refuses to wear a bib anymore (saying she's a big girl) but thankfully she's a clean eater! Was on and off wearing a bib coz this momma forced her to wear it

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This mummy ran out of photoshoot ideas...
so when wearing baby si diaper during nap time, this mummy suddenly remembered the Darth Vader episode with baby si back then...and out came the Polaroid camera for this impromptu photoshoot!
Didn't know wearing diapers on their heads would be so much fun...
Even di di Skyler kept wanting to put the diapers on jie jie's head once the photoshoot was over!
They were laughing non stop!!! ***there goes nap time - out the window***
Moments like these make me treasure being a SAHM :)

Try these with ur kids... 
Warning: Don't blame me if ur kids prefer wearing diapers on their heads instead of their bum bum :p

Can these two babies be the new ambassador for Huggies???

#throwback baby Si at 17mths looking like Darth Vader!
Or perhaps Drypers ambassador?
Or perhaps just Darth Vader??? LOLs...

Friday, 10 April 2015

Happy bday gong gong!!!

Did a shoutout for my mom before: click here

Realized haven't done a blogpost on my papa aka baby Si n baby Skye gong gong!!!

Happy 64 years young Pa!!!
Thank u for all ur MANY MANY years of working hard for us ( n still is working )...
Thank u for all the flights u have brought us on n creating many memories together especially when we traveled :)
Still glee whenever I hear the "captain's" announcement n felt so very proud of u...
"That's my papa!!! That's my papa!!!" 

How many gong gong's out there has a six pack (okay, maybe four pack) n can do push-ups, pull-ups, etc!!!

Here's wishing u many many more blessed years to come...
Hoping baby Si n baby Skye get to travel more with their gong gong...
Continue to spoil ur grandkids...n buy yummy goodies/Japan chocs/Korean snacks/etc for them...muahahahaha!!! ***ahem ahem*** so this mummy can secretly eat them during my midnight supper!!!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


I'm soooo happy we are living here in Singapore...
Being a FOODIE who loves to MAKAN MAKAN MAKAN... The only thing that's stopping me is the fact that I'm growing sideways! But breastfeeding my son has been sending me for late night suppers!!!
Thankfully Singapore is to the rescue as I can find YUMMY FOOD 24/7!!!

Singapore being a multiracial country, we are so blessed to have all types of different cuisine...
Every time my family wanna eat out, first question being asked is, "what cuisine"? Then followed by, "which restaurant?" ... We are so SPOILT for choices....and best of all u can get it either cheaply or lavishly!!!
mid range=restaurants
lavish=buffet in hotels
And we don't have to compromise on the standards as its clean (checks conducted frequently) with a sign that tells u the grading that the eatery received, displayed publicly!!!

My "ROJAK" Hubby = Indian American, me = Chinese Malaysian, kids = CHINDIAN, one can't deny that we have different appetites for different food at different times! The answer is FOOD COURT=FOOD HEAVEN :) all under 1 roof...

Let the pics speak for themselves!!!
(Warning: salivating and drooling will be expected)

P/s: every time we travel (which is quite frequently), by the 2nd or 3rd day, we start craving  for Singapore food...don't get me started on the snacks/drinks/desserts/etc...
Oh boy, I wish I can eat eat eat all day long :p

For awesome food reviews, check out ->
For food delivery right to your doorstep (perfect for busy moms like me) , check out -> 
Fingers crossed for the x blogger contest!!!


So what does these 2 have in common?

They are Indians, raise in the USA/Canada (same same but different), they can rap, and best of all they are both HILARIOUSLY FUNNY looking!!!

They are none other than mr. Hubby, Karthik naga and his MAN RUSSELL PETERS!!!

Hope mr. Hubby enjoyed the MAN's show... :) 
This is mr. Hubby's 2nd time seeing him...(first was in 2012)

Too bad this mummy couldn't go coz "children under 18" not allowed... LOLs :p
***Corny joke***
Ok obviously being funny is not my strongest forte, so let's leave it to the MAN himself :)
Hopefully someday this mummy gets to experience "somebody gonna get a hurt real bad"!!!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy 3 years old to baby Si and happy 14 mths old to baby Skye!!!

Happy 3 years old to baby Si and happy 14 mths old to baby Skye!!!

(previous month's post <~ if u missed it!

Here's our monthly family tradition of taking Polaroid pics.
Hopefully baby Si n baby skye pics will cheer up ur day!!!
It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:
.baby Skye favorite thing now is pointing! - pointing everywhere and telling "stories" in his baby talk...
(And I find myself baby talking back to him and entertaining his "stories"... Mr. Hubby and I never ever had the chance to do it with baby Si as she has never baby talked before)
.baby Skye able to find his meal - knows to lift up my shirt and close it when he's done! 
(Don't think baby Si ever did that - very lady like...LOLs!!!)
.baby Skye gets JEALOUS!!! Whenever mr. Hubby holds my hand, baby Skye will try to grab it away and grunts... Whenever baby Si sits on my lap, he quickly bee line to mummy and climbs on my lap and starts pushing jie jie away and pulling her hair. Not sure if it's a good thing or not... But it's sure nice to be WANTED... LOLs... #feelsWanted
.baby Skye drinking from a straw - the trick is to cut it into half n he immediately knew to suck as its easier :)
.baby Skye putting things in and out of containers - on repeat mode

.baby Si able to finally wear her own shirt and she can undress and dress herself up from top to bottom!!! But of course she has her lazy days - which is MOST of the days!!!
.baby Si peeled her first hard boiled egg shells by herself - one day she decided to help mummy peel hard boiled egg shells without any help needed. Monkey see, monkey do :) baby Si is very good at copy cat!
.baby Si able to say out the spelling of her name - all thanks to daddy for turning it into a song knowing that baby Si loves music :) 
.baby Si pushing di di skyler on his stroller for long periods of time (of coz under mummy's supervision)

Click here ->>> Throwback baby Si's 14mths!

Pic below: mini bday celebration at home with baby Si DIY cupcake decoration...
P/s: check out baby Skyler eyeing on jie jie cuppie!!!
By the way, baby Si hasn't mastered the art of blowing her candles yet :( hopefully she will by tomorrow as she will be celebrating her 1st bday party at her playgroup and she has not 1 but 2 birthday cakes = 3+3 = 6 candles to blow....wish her luck :)
Stay tune for another blog post specially dedicated for her bday!!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Iherb (5th time)

This will be my 5th time buying from non other than iherb :) <-- told ya it was addicting!!!
Last time I blogged at -> click here

My last buy from iherb took 9 days to arrived (which I thought was quite fast already)... 
This time it only took 5 days??? Really??? All the way from USA? I'm still in shocked/suspicious...

So again, I'm justifying this purchase as I'm already saving tons of $$ by giving liquid gold (.)(.) to baby Skye!!! And who doesn't want to eat healthy.... Healthy family = HAPPY mummy!!!

So load up mummies...  don't forget to use my referral code : "VUY141" at checkout because if you are a first time customer, you get $10 off for orders more than $40 or $5 off for orders less than $40! That makes your overall costs even cheaper!
Better still just click on this link and start shopping!!!
And want more savings?

Extra 5% discount for orders over $60.00

Pic below: MY GOODIES...well, OUR GOODIES :)

Update: on the CAFFEINE free COFFEE PERO from my last buy ...
After trying it, it wasn't my "cup of tea" or in this case not my "cup of coffee" :( LITERALLY...doesn't have the coffee taste n smell!!! Ended up in po po and gong gong's pantry...not sure if it had better luck there...
I guess baby Skye will still be high on caffeine... Mummy promise to limit to 2 cups max per day...
With baby si, I stayed away for coffee for some time...then slowly added 1 cup max per day!
That was coz wanted to be cautious with first baby...
But now with 2 kids "running" around, I need my "me time" indulgence #2ndBabySyndrome #careFreeChillaxMom

Update2: tried the instant hot cocoa drink for the first time...was looking for a different hot drink other than coffee/tea so I can alternate and maybe perhaps cut down on my coffee/tea intake?
After reading the reviews, I went ahead n got it... Quite tasty but a tad too sweet for my liking!
The plus points are its organic and low fat... But for me, I add it to my fresh full fat milk for that added uuummmpphhh!!! So no low fat here. Baby Skye will thank me for it :)

Update3: bought the peanut butter to try as mr. Hubby is a peanut butter junkie!!! He and baby si and (soon baby Skye) have been going thru lots of BIGGEST bottle of peanut butter that we buy from NTUC fair price. I thought I would buy this thinking it was less sweet but alas, it had the same sugar content :( the only plus point is that it's organic! Guess we won't be buying it again... 

WARNING (again): the Melatonin tablets are not mine...don't think Baby Skye will appreciate a "SLEEPING LIKE A LOG" mummy right??? And also MUST MENTION that its not Mr. Hubby's either....looking at the amount, can open a pharmacy soon perhaps?

Disclaimer: I do not work for iherb, I wish I did then I could do shopping all day long for healthy food :)