Wednesday, 8 April 2015


So what does these 2 have in common?

They are Indians, raise in the USA/Canada (same same but different), they can rap, and best of all they are both HILARIOUSLY FUNNY looking!!!

They are none other than mr. Hubby, Karthik naga and his MAN RUSSELL PETERS!!!

Hope mr. Hubby enjoyed the MAN's show... :) 
This is mr. Hubby's 2nd time seeing him...(first was in 2012)

Too bad this mummy couldn't go coz "children under 18" not allowed... LOLs :p
***Corny joke***
Ok obviously being funny is not my strongest forte, so let's leave it to the MAN himself :)
Hopefully someday this mummy gets to experience "somebody gonna get a hurt real bad"!!!

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