Thursday, 25 February 2016

Kids, are you ready??? Kidzania has landed in Singapore!!!

For the whole of 2015 since Sienna had an annual pass to Port of Lost Wonder (POLW), my family has been passing by and seeing the making of "something" located directly across the street. All we could see was that there was a real life size nose head of an aeroplane jutting out of the building's main entrance ~ all covered for secrecy!!! Little did we know something cool and exciting was coming to our shores...

"Parents and kids, This is the Captain speaking... We have officially landed in Kidzania Singapore!!!"

Having grown up in an airline/aviation family, this mummy and the 2 kiddos (Sienna and Skyler) couldn't turn down the offer when we were invited to enjoy the unveiling of the huge life-size decommissioned Boeing 737 Qatar Airways plane in KidZania Singapore which measures over 25 metre long with a full wingspan of 28 metres.

Sienna (#siennaskyler) was beaming with joy when she laid eyes on the plane in the wall (yes, u heard that right!!!) n pretty stewardess... she's always been saying she wanna grow up to be a stewardess just like mommy and a pilot just like gong gong n Chiu Chiu Jason (aviation family)...well, Kidzania Singapore + Qatar Airways is THE place to be for kids to explore real life fun before taking the plunge! 

We were given a sneak peak into the KidZania facility and the kids are getting excited for the official opening in April 2016!!! Sienna is already asking when can we go back and actually start playing...
We've heard nothing but good reviews from family and friends who's been to the Kidzania in other countries and how they could spend the whole day there!

My kids started travelling on planes at a very young age just like both her parents.  When I asked Sienna what she loves most about travelling, she says EVERYTHING!!! From the airport, check-in counters, airplane, hotel etc... Like mommy, like daughter!!! The smell of airport, airplanes, hotel just makes my day.

Here at KidZania, you get to do just that!!!

"Featuring a Qatar Airways branded airport terminal, complete with check-in desks and personnel dressed in Qatar Airways uniforms, the facility is also home to the Aviation Academy where kids can immerse themselves in the world of aviation and travel. Aspiring pilots at KidZania Singapore can experience flying two of Qatar Airways’ flagship aircraft – the 787 Dreamliner and the A380 superjumbo aircraft – using state-of-the-art flight simulators. 
Kids can role-play as Qatar Airways’ cabin crew, learning how to ensure the safety and comfort of their passengers on-board. Parents can also join in the fun as they role-play as on-board passengers receiving five-star inflight hospitality from their little ones."

Ohhhh this momma can't wait to finally put my legs up, rest and relax while being serve by my kids!!!

"Through the Aviation Academy, not only can kids inch closer to their dreams of becoming pilots and cabin crew, they also gain a greater appreciation for the responsibilities and skills required to be part of the airline’s operating crew. "

Overall impression of KidZania...
This mummy approves!!!
Can't wait to check out KidZania once it open its doors this April...see you guys there!

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