Monday, 29 October 2012

6 months

This has been our monthly tradition!
Daddy will make baby Si's banner and mummy will snap snap snap away...

Also ever since baby Si won her first contest, in the solo category, we've been taking her pics using the prize itself... A fujifilm Polaroid camera!!!
Thank u F&N!!! It was an impromptu competition... It started like this. While me, mr. Hubby and baby Si came out from the mrt n walked towards the mall... We were stopped by the F&N ambassadors to take a pic with their banner! We took two pics, 1 to be entered into the family category, and 1 of baby Si to be entered into the solo category. And guess who won??? Our cute Baby Si of course ;)
A note to fujifilm, if u wanna see more cute monthly pics of baby Si, please do send us more of ur amazing polaroid cartridges so we can continue with our fun family tradition!!!

Note: baby Si turned 6 months on 6 oct... But this lazy mummy hadn't had time to blog about it... Hehehehe
I guess her 7 months pic taking is coming soon! So stay tuned ;)

How time just flies... Mummy had already packed away baby Si sets of clothes 0-6mths n out with her 6-12mths clothes :( *sob sob*
Thanks cousin kor kor zach ha min for all the hand me downs onesies... If u haven't yet notice in the pics, most of baby Si homeclothes (onesies) looked boyish!!! Hehehhee....
This mummy don't like to waste....
Mummy Jamie's motto "REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE"

baby Si, plz don't grow up too fast, mummy n daddy wanna cuddle u like cuddling a koala bear...*I'm enjoying this moment soooooo much*

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Baby Si 3rd and 4th solid food

3rd solid food: Carrots!!!
4th solid food: homemade oatmeal!!! The next day added baby Si 4th solid food of homemade oatmeal.

For the homemade oatmeal, I took my rolled oats that I already have and grinded it into powdery form and store it into an air tight container. Once baby Si is ready for her meal time, just take out some of the powdered oatmeal, add hot water and stir (leave it to soften). Then add her already puree'd carrot! Easy peasy!!! Don't need to boil the oatmeal like I originally thought since it's fine enough!!! Cuts down my prep time... *yeay*

(note: this time I did not use the water that I steam with the carrots to make a smoother puree (as this mummy did her research ahead of time)! Reason is because carrots contain nitrate!!!
"taken from Do not reserve any left over water to use for thinning out the carrots if baby is under 8 months old as Nitrates may seep into the cooking water"

So what does baby Si think of her gourmet meal???

baby Si: yummeh!!!
Mummy: yeayyy ;)

Btw,po po fed her this time!!! (first time)

But baby Si didn't liked just plain ol oatmeal but will take it once mixed with her yummy carrots!!!

So here's hoping to perfect eyesight just like her mummy!!! Cheers carrots... Should I sneak in pureed carrots into daddy's food??? *tee hee hee*

What veg or fruit should I intro next?
Stay tune to find out ;)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Baby Si 2nd solid food...

Japanese green pumpkin + Cereal + BM + VCO...

This is the start to add on to this mummy's TO DO list...

For the past few days, it only takes 1 min to whip up baby Si gourmet lunch and dinner... Warm BM+cereal+virgin coconut oil... Easy peasy!

But now u need to first pick the veg or fruit (cannot start off wt a sweet one), wash it, cut it into cubes, steam it, blend it, divide it into 2 servings per container... Store some containers in the fridge and the rest into the freezer!

For the blending, I had 2 choices. My mini blender/grinder or the old fashion way which some mothers claim is easier.... Mash it by hand/tools (shown in pic which was given by my sister in law). Since this is my first time, I opted for my trusty new mini blender and in a jiffy, it was blended well. (note: I used the water that I steam with the pumpkin to help make a smoother puree since the steam pumpkin water has all the nutrients in it. Why waste right?)

Will try to mash it using the hand tool on my next try once I figure out how n which one to use... Too many diff parts!

I've found out an easy way to do all this more efficiently.While cooking our rice using the rice cooker, use the top part to steam baby Si food. Kills 2 birds with 1 stone. Steaming is the best way of cooking baby si food as it retains the most nutrients!

So when it's time for baby Si meal, just take out 1 serving of puree, add warm BM, cereal and virgin coconut oil ;) and VOILA!!! lunch/dinner is serve!!!

I'm getting the hang of it!!! And am enjoying all the hard work and fun that goes with it... So what does baby Si think of her gourmet meal???

baby Si: yucks!

She's still spitting out her food... I guess she's just not ready yet and still prefers mummy's milk!!!
Mummy will not give up, GAMBATEH!!!

What veg or fruit should I intro next?
And do u have any advice on making this more efficiently?

*updates: after lots of persistent and patience for a few days, baby Si is finally eating better!!!* yeay!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Po po in the house!!!

Look who came to visit baby Si?

Baby Si got so excited seeing the familiar face and smell...

Baby si, "Now po po, when will u cook me ur famous yummy roast chicken???"

Po po will be here for 2 weeks!!! Then back to babysit her half Korean nephew over on the other side of the island...

(oh btw, if u haven't already known, our family is an all international multiracial family...)

Pic below: kor kor zach ha min meeting baby Si for the first time...
Already hugging non stop..*Oh Oooooo*

Ha-min, "hi, I'm half Korean"
Baby Si, "hi, I'm half Indian"
Let's hug hug!!!

Goodies all the way from south Korea!!!

What a pleasant surprise to received from my Korean sister in law's lovely MUM!!! All the way from Korea... handpicked with love by Hal muh née...

Dear Hal muh née,

Thank you so much!!
I like all the pretty dresses...
I hope to wear them when I grow a bit bigger. For now, it's a bit too big for me. I hope I will look pretty in them!

How do I look? I did a little fashion show to entertain mummy, daddy and po po!!! Hope you like my pictures...

Come visit me in Singapore!

Baby Si.

할머니 께, 정말 감사! 나는 예쁜 드레스를 좋아하는 ... 난 좀 더 큰 성장을 할 때를 착용 바랍니다. 지금, 나에겐 너무 큰 비트입니다. 나는 그들에게 이뻐 보이는 것입니다!

어떻게 생각하나요? 나는 엄마, 아빠와 PO PO을 즐겁게하기 위해 약간의 패션 쇼 했어요! 당신이 내 사진을 좋아하길 바라 .. 싱가포르에 들러 줘요!

사랑, 아기시

Monday, 22 October 2012

Say cheese!!!

So what did KarMie do over the weekend? Well more like what did karthik do to himself...???

Mr. Hubby posted this on his FB wall and got everybody excited!!!
"Cant wait to go on a date today with my wife (and the lil one of course) to one of our favorite restaurants and the one that started our relationship off (Chilis)! We're celebrating all of our wonderful blessings, before I begin the next "challenge"... not a major hurdle in life, but you'll see what it is soon enough :)"

So what is this "challenge" u have been dying to know?
----> ask karthik to Say CHEESE and u will find the answer ;)

Let the pics do the talking...
Caution: some pics might look nasty to those who have phobia with lots of teeth and gums :)

We got our fav Cajun chicken sandwich as usual!!! And finished it off with mcdonalds hot fudge sunday...

Growing up, I've always been fascinated with people/friends that wear braces and at some silly point of my childhood life, I had this weird thing of wanting to wear braces. (note that I'm blessed with straight teeth). But once I was old enough to figure out that I'm never gonna have braces, then I had this fascination with wanting to kiss a guy with braces!!! And this weird urge came true this past weekend!!!!!!!! But I didn't get the full on experience as mr. Hubby only has half of it (just the bottom braces)

One might wonder why karthik needs braces? That was my first reaction when he told me too... Since he has pretty straight sets of teeth! Then I was even more surprised when he told me the reason behind it...
He still has BABY TEETH!!! I kid u not!!! Just as baby Si is teething her baby teeth, daddy is pulling out his baby teeth :p

Okay I'll let mr. hubby do his explanation on his teeth... But to cut the story short, he had to pull out his baby teeth (2 at the bottom) and have the braces straighten the 2 adult teeth that's jutting out. Mind u, he still has 2 more baby teeth on the top but we are not gonna touch those as the adult teeth has yet to pop out. Thus no top braces!

Baby food for both my babies ;)
Mr. Hubby, here's hoping u will have a smooth sailing 2yrs love-hate relationship with ur new bling bling!!!

Before braces....2 baby tooth removed!

After braces... bling bling :)

Our fav restaurant...a treat for mr. Hubby before getting braces!

Mr. Hubby with baby Si

Baby Si too young to ice skate :(

Ready to dig in...

Proudly disaplaying his pearly whites before braces!

NIP - nursing in public :) Getting pro at it!

Mummy and Baby Si

Restaurant quite empty as we were the early birds :)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Goodies and haul from MEHICO and US of A!!!...

Okayy okayyy i know that i mentioned in my first blog post that this blog will be mainly about baby Si, but i cant help it if some posts are about KarMie (karthik & jamie...The parents of the adorable baby Si.... Remember us???). Afterall, this blog's website is named as So please bear with me (sorry no baby Si pics in this post) also any guesses why 080808????

Ok back to this post...
Mr. hubby just got back from a month's long business trip from Ayacarambaaaa Mexico!!! (btw, I wonder if I have readers from mexico? Or mexicans?)
Minus 1 week in "kampung" hubby's hometown! So before every trip, mr. Hubby will ask what wifey wants *Awwww, so sweet*... So the standard wifey answer will be FOOD... I miss all of US junk food (thus the weight gained when I was in the US for 6 yrs <- will blog about this sometime in the future)...
Didn't bother asking mr hubby for clothes shopping since mr. Hubby is not the fashionista in the family... *coughs coughs* *points finger to self*

So here's the food haul from USA...
Thank u Tata (karthiks dad) and patti (karthiks mum) for all the goodies...

And chocs and nuts from MEXICO!!!

Also mr. Hubby never fails to "ta pao" food for wifey (+baby Si) whenever he touches down at changi airport!!!
And it will alwiz be from TCC... Chocolate fudge cake + expresso frappe (for wifey+ baby Si) + oreo choc frappe (for mr. Hubby)... Didn't manage to get pics of the drinks as we gulped it down like water!!!

I wished mr hubby had more luggage space... 1 hand carry, 1 laptop bag and 1 check in bag??? Since when UNITED is down to 1 check in bag??? I don't remember it being 1 during my traveling days to the states!!! It used to be 2 just like any other full fare airlines!!! Downgrade to budget? Even jetstar (my former company) is better... Hahahha... Ok let's not get me started on this!!! UNITED, u just stole 1 check in bag of my resse buttercup, cookies, pecan Sandies, salt n vinegar chips, etc imaginary junk food!!!!!!!! And Baby Si is all mad she dont get to eat all these!!! Hhhmmmppphhh.....

Note: UNITED lost mr. Hubby 1 and only check in bag...and only arrived the next day. To think that my goodies almost didn't make it home?

Friday, 19 October 2012

Baby Si jab...

It's THE dreaded time of the month... The JAB... This time would be the hep B vaccination. Think the parents get all stressed up whenever baby Si is due to have her jabs. Mr. Hubby tagged along once before and he teared up when the needle poked his lil' princess and it was too traumatic of an experience for him to ever tag along again. Why all these stress when once again baby Si turned out to be a trooper!!! She only cried for a sec and stopped as soon as I stood up to walk. Even the Nurse was impressed.

However baby Si did not fare well in her assessment this time. She didn't gain any weight (well she gained and lost it) since the last month's check up and dropped to the 25th percentile.I suspect it's due to her being sick 1 whole week while we were back in msia. (first time she fell sick-cough,flu,fever... The flu bug was going around in Msia). First, this mummy got sick, then passed it to my baby, then baby passed it back to mummy! So heartbreaking to see her sick and every time I fed her wt her medicine, she would cry as if I'm torturing her. :(

(Also this mummy even planned and managed to convinced the grandparents to do a last min getaway trip to Hatyai, Thailand but ended up only po po and gong gong went). This mummy decided an hour before we were about to leave for the airport that it's just not worth taking the risk. Being an ex stewardess and speaking from experience, flying in the air while having flu is a big NO NO. Can cause ear drum damaged and deafness! Not taking any chances with baby Si. She is so much more precious compared to all the yummy Thai food and endless massages that Thailand can offer!

So back to our checkup...
Baby Si stats:
Age: 6 mths 13 days
Weight: 6.8kg in the 25% percentile
Height: 63 cm height in the 25% percentile
Head circumference: 42.2 cm in the 25% percentile

It's ok baby Si, mummy will "fatten" u up, hopefully, now that we just started on solids... Btw, *updates on her solids* baby Si rather play spit the food at mummy rather than actually swallowing it! She thinks it's funny and laugh after blowing food+bubbles+saliva...

Mummy's prayers answered, "always a healthy, happy and contented baby!!!"
This was my prayer said daily when Baby Si was in my belly ;)

Pic below: leaving for the clinic very early in the morning... Thus the dazed look on baby Si...

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Milk spa anyone?

What better way to nourish baby Si skin than taking a bath in mummy's expired milk! Not like baby Si needs it as her skin is as smooth as a baby(no pun intended) *LOL*
just like tofu, there are many varieties such as fresh, soft, silken, regular, dry,firm, etc... Silken???? *is that even a word* *Rolls eyes*
If that's the case, then the result of baby Si milk spa was silkenly smooth ;) but awfully bad smell??? Have u guys smelled frozen (.)(.) milk??? Okayyy, it's not coz it's mine or coz it's expired... I heard that once it's frozen, it will have a fishy metallic smell to it... Gross!!! And indeed it was... Mr. Hubby got to witness the smell :p

Oh yeah, according to a mummy forum, u dont have to wash off baby Si with water or soap after the milk spa!!! *double gross smell* so did we follow the advice? Unfortunately yes!!! Well, since this will b baby Si's first n last (.)(.) milk spa... So why not... Even soak her longer in there, and baby Si came out silkenly smooth!!! Hahahah...

Looking back at the date, the LAST time I expressed milk was 10 may, even that was just a pathetic 2 containers *lazy mum* (for emergencies - mummy's sick, or mummy have to go out without baby Si, etc) From then onwards, the pump, sterilizer, bottles, goes into hiding!

One might ask, why would one do a baby milk spa?
Well firstly this mummy don't like to waste. Secondly, silkenly smooth skin for baby Si * wheeee*
Btw, I did offer mr. Hubby a chance to dip into the milk spa after baby Si was done, but too bad the tub was a tad too small... See pic below *hee hee hee*

Note: From the pic below, there's an expired formula milk next to the (.)(.)milk... So guess what? Formula milk spa next few days!!! Btw, the formula milk was from way back during the first 2 weeks when my milk didn't come in (due to being induced and all drugged up), so we had to substitute wt FM *mummy hearts pain*
also did u know that FM only last for 3 weeks once open? Sales gimmick don't u think??? And these FM ain't cheap! Mr. hubby should be beaming from $$ saved...*hint hint*

Advice from a mummy forum on what to do wt expired FM?
. Milk spa
. Feed to mr. Hubby

Should I sneak it into mr. Hubby hot choc milk? Muahahhahah...*evil laugh*
Btw, even mummy can't "tahan" the taste of FM, u reckon I can get away wt it without mr.hubby knowing his hot choc taste a wee bit different?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The aftermath...

I'm surprised to find my baby Si poop smelling differently...*faints*
What happen to the sweet smelling smell of breast milk poo that mummy has been so used to?
And this is the result of only a few spoons of solid... I wonder what lies ahead when she starts having mouthfuls of solids, mcdonalds, KFC, etc... *double faints*
oh wait... By then I will not be changing diapers no more!!! *double yeah*...

what am I thinking so far ahead? it's only day 1 of her solid food *smacks face*

CAUTION: The pic below is not for the faint hearted...

Baby Si first solid food...

Preparing baby Si to start on solid food:

Been dragging this milestone since I know it will require tons of extra work coz mealtime for her thus far has been hassle free... No bottles, sterilizer, pump, bibs, etc...just me n baby Si ;)
And since mr. Hubby went to mexico for business trip for a whole month, we went back to Msia and I "conveniently" left all of baby Si items to start her on solids knowing well in advance that it will pass her 6 mths mark by the time we got back to singapore. So now that we are back in Singapore, lazy mummy has no other reason to delay ( a friend mentioned that it is better to delay for as long as possible so that milk production won't drop but not to the point of suppressing baby Si of her much needed nutrients ). Thus, today marks THE day where baby gets to eat her real first solid food. She must be sick of eating the same food everyday (mummys milk)
Daddy was able to witness baby Si's first experience

Is baby Si ready for solids?
. your little one is holding her head up well <- yes
. has outgrown her tongue-thrust reflex <-yes fed her a bit of mashed pumpkin while back in Msia
. seems interested in what's on your plate <- yes, eyeing on everything that we ate

What you need:
. washable (or wipeable) bib
. a sturdy high chair
. a baby-sized spoon (If your baby keeps trying to grab the spoon, give him an extra one to hold while you swoop in with the chow.)
. a bowl
. a camera
. a sippy cup for water
. Cereal (avoid wholegrain n watch out for allergy as it is a common allergen for babies). Make sure to dilute wt BM or FM and not water <- thank u po po for choosing n buying baby Si first solid food - holles brand organic spelt porridge. I mixed it with baby Si daily dosage of virgin coconut oil, which makes it smoother and easier to eat...kills 2 birds with 1 stone
. New cleaning sponge to wash utensils
. prune juice/purée without added prevent constipation... Any fruits that start wt p, is good for constipation...papaya, pear, prune, plum, peach.
(Get 5 pitted prunes, boil wt water...wait to cool n blend it or buy from baby food section the ready made ones)

Things to note:
.allergy (Serve new foods one at a time for 4 days to make sure your baby's not allergic, then introduce another. )
.poo ( gassiness, diarrhea, mucus in stool
.rash esp around mouth or anus
.runny nose, watery eyes, wheezing that doesn't seem to be due to a cold, and unusual wakefulness or crankiness — day or night
.Don't sweeten the taste by adding things like mashed bananas, applesauce, or juice. If you start off tempting baby with sugar, he'll soon want everything you offer to be just as sweet.

Foods that are most likely to trigger reactions.
.nuts (especially peanuts — which aren't recommended until age one, or even three if your family has a history of food allergies).
.egg whites (the yolks are okay by eight months)
.honey (which can contain spores of Clostridium botulinum)
.cow's milk.
.Some doctors also recommend waiting on wheat, citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes, and strawberries until baby has passed the one-year mark.

Let the pics speak for themselves ;)

Eagerly waiting not knowing whats to come!

First bite!
First reaction!

Mummy and Daddy, I want more please!
After many many bites!