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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Milk spa anyone?

What better way to nourish baby Si skin than taking a bath in mummy's expired milk! Not like baby Si needs it as her skin is as smooth as a baby(no pun intended) *LOL*
just like tofu, there are many varieties such as fresh, soft, silken, regular, dry,firm, etc... Silken???? *is that even a word* *Rolls eyes*
If that's the case, then the result of baby Si milk spa was silkenly smooth ;) but awfully bad smell??? Have u guys smelled frozen (.)(.) milk??? Okayyy, it's not coz it's mine or coz it's expired... I heard that once it's frozen, it will have a fishy metallic smell to it... Gross!!! And indeed it was... Mr. Hubby got to witness the smell :p

Oh yeah, according to a mummy forum, u dont have to wash off baby Si with water or soap after the milk spa!!! *double gross smell* so did we follow the advice? Unfortunately yes!!! Well, since this will b baby Si's first n last (.)(.) milk spa... So why not... Even soak her longer in there, and baby Si came out silkenly smooth!!! Hahahah...

Looking back at the date, the LAST time I expressed milk was 10 may, even that was just a pathetic 2 containers *lazy mum* (for emergencies - mummy's sick, or mummy have to go out without baby Si, etc) From then onwards, the pump, sterilizer, bottles, goes into hiding!

One might ask, why would one do a baby milk spa?
Well firstly this mummy don't like to waste. Secondly, silkenly smooth skin for baby Si * wheeee*
Btw, I did offer mr. Hubby a chance to dip into the milk spa after baby Si was done, but too bad the tub was a tad too small... See pic below *hee hee hee*

Note: From the pic below, there's an expired formula milk next to the (.)(.)milk... So guess what? Formula milk spa next few days!!! Btw, the formula milk was from way back during the first 2 weeks when my milk didn't come in (due to being induced and all drugged up), so we had to substitute wt FM *mummy hearts pain*
also did u know that FM only last for 3 weeks once open? Sales gimmick don't u think??? And these FM ain't cheap! Mr. hubby should be beaming from $$ saved...*hint hint*

Advice from a mummy forum on what to do wt expired FM?
. Milk spa
. Feed to mr. Hubby

Should I sneak it into mr. Hubby hot choc milk? Muahahhahah...*evil laugh*
Btw, even mummy can't "tahan" the taste of FM, u reckon I can get away wt it without mr.hubby knowing his hot choc taste a wee bit different?