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Hi, My name is Sienna Chaw Naga aka Baby Si. My daddy's name is Karthik and mummy's is Jamie aka KarMie (Karthik+Jamie). 
I am proud to be a Chin-dian!!! My daddy is an Indian American, mummy a Malaysian Chinese and they met in the States while working together at Cummins, Inc. I was made in China :) Since then, I have travelled to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, USA, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia (all while being comfortably in mummy's womb). I took my first trip when I was only 3 months n we went to Phuket, Thailand as mummy needed a vacation! 2 yrs later, my parents gave me a baby brother, Skyler Chaw Naga aka baby Skye! Now we live in Charlotte,NC (USA)...
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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Po po in the house!!!

Look who came to visit baby Si?

Baby Si got so excited seeing the familiar face and smell...

Baby si, "Now po po, when will u cook me ur famous yummy roast chicken???"

Po po will be here for 2 weeks!!! Then back to babysit her half Korean nephew over on the other side of the island...

(oh btw, if u haven't already known, our family is an all international multiracial family...)

Pic below: kor kor zach ha min meeting baby Si for the first time...
Already hugging non stop..*Oh Oooooo*

Ha-min, "hi, I'm half Korean"
Baby Si, "hi, I'm half Indian"
Let's hug hug!!!