Thursday, 25 October 2012

Baby Si 2nd solid food...

Japanese green pumpkin + Cereal + BM + VCO...

This is the start to add on to this mummy's TO DO list...

For the past few days, it only takes 1 min to whip up baby Si gourmet lunch and dinner... Warm BM+cereal+virgin coconut oil... Easy peasy!

But now u need to first pick the veg or fruit (cannot start off wt a sweet one), wash it, cut it into cubes, steam it, blend it, divide it into 2 servings per container... Store some containers in the fridge and the rest into the freezer!

For the blending, I had 2 choices. My mini blender/grinder or the old fashion way which some mothers claim is easier.... Mash it by hand/tools (shown in pic which was given by my sister in law). Since this is my first time, I opted for my trusty new mini blender and in a jiffy, it was blended well. (note: I used the water that I steam with the pumpkin to help make a smoother puree since the steam pumpkin water has all the nutrients in it. Why waste right?)

Will try to mash it using the hand tool on my next try once I figure out how n which one to use... Too many diff parts!

I've found out an easy way to do all this more efficiently.While cooking our rice using the rice cooker, use the top part to steam baby Si food. Kills 2 birds with 1 stone. Steaming is the best way of cooking baby si food as it retains the most nutrients!

So when it's time for baby Si meal, just take out 1 serving of puree, add warm BM, cereal and virgin coconut oil ;) and VOILA!!! lunch/dinner is serve!!!

I'm getting the hang of it!!! And am enjoying all the hard work and fun that goes with it... So what does baby Si think of her gourmet meal???

baby Si: yucks!

She's still spitting out her food... I guess she's just not ready yet and still prefers mummy's milk!!!
Mummy will not give up, GAMBATEH!!!

What veg or fruit should I intro next?
And do u have any advice on making this more efficiently?

*updates: after lots of persistent and patience for a few days, baby Si is finally eating better!!!* yeay!!!

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