Monday, 22 October 2012

Say cheese!!!

So what did KarMie do over the weekend? Well more like what did karthik do to himself...???

Mr. Hubby posted this on his FB wall and got everybody excited!!!
"Cant wait to go on a date today with my wife (and the lil one of course) to one of our favorite restaurants and the one that started our relationship off (Chilis)! We're celebrating all of our wonderful blessings, before I begin the next "challenge"... not a major hurdle in life, but you'll see what it is soon enough :)"

So what is this "challenge" u have been dying to know?
----> ask karthik to Say CHEESE and u will find the answer ;)

Let the pics do the talking...
Caution: some pics might look nasty to those who have phobia with lots of teeth and gums :)

We got our fav Cajun chicken sandwich as usual!!! And finished it off with mcdonalds hot fudge sunday...

Growing up, I've always been fascinated with people/friends that wear braces and at some silly point of my childhood life, I had this weird thing of wanting to wear braces. (note that I'm blessed with straight teeth). But once I was old enough to figure out that I'm never gonna have braces, then I had this fascination with wanting to kiss a guy with braces!!! And this weird urge came true this past weekend!!!!!!!! But I didn't get the full on experience as mr. Hubby only has half of it (just the bottom braces)

One might wonder why karthik needs braces? That was my first reaction when he told me too... Since he has pretty straight sets of teeth! Then I was even more surprised when he told me the reason behind it...
He still has BABY TEETH!!! I kid u not!!! Just as baby Si is teething her baby teeth, daddy is pulling out his baby teeth :p

Okay I'll let mr. hubby do his explanation on his teeth... But to cut the story short, he had to pull out his baby teeth (2 at the bottom) and have the braces straighten the 2 adult teeth that's jutting out. Mind u, he still has 2 more baby teeth on the top but we are not gonna touch those as the adult teeth has yet to pop out. Thus no top braces!

Baby food for both my babies ;)
Mr. Hubby, here's hoping u will have a smooth sailing 2yrs love-hate relationship with ur new bling bling!!!

Before braces....2 baby tooth removed!

After braces... bling bling :)

Our fav restaurant...a treat for mr. Hubby before getting braces!

Mr. Hubby with baby Si

Baby Si too young to ice skate :(

Ready to dig in...

Proudly disaplaying his pearly whites before braces!

NIP - nursing in public :) Getting pro at it!

Mummy and Baby Si

Restaurant quite empty as we were the early birds :)

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