Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Baby Si first solid food...

Preparing baby Si to start on solid food:

Been dragging this milestone since I know it will require tons of extra work coz mealtime for her thus far has been hassle free... No bottles, sterilizer, pump, bibs, etc...just me n baby Si ;)
And since mr. Hubby went to mexico for business trip for a whole month, we went back to Msia and I "conveniently" left all of baby Si items to start her on solids knowing well in advance that it will pass her 6 mths mark by the time we got back to singapore. So now that we are back in Singapore, lazy mummy has no other reason to delay ( a friend mentioned that it is better to delay for as long as possible so that milk production won't drop but not to the point of suppressing baby Si of her much needed nutrients ). Thus, today marks THE day where baby gets to eat her real first solid food. She must be sick of eating the same food everyday (mummys milk)
Daddy was able to witness baby Si's first experience

Is baby Si ready for solids?
. your little one is holding her head up well <- yes
. has outgrown her tongue-thrust reflex <-yes fed her a bit of mashed pumpkin while back in Msia
. seems interested in what's on your plate <- yes, eyeing on everything that we ate

What you need:
. washable (or wipeable) bib
. a sturdy high chair
. a baby-sized spoon (If your baby keeps trying to grab the spoon, give him an extra one to hold while you swoop in with the chow.)
. a bowl
. a camera
. a sippy cup for water
. Cereal (avoid wholegrain n watch out for allergy as it is a common allergen for babies). Make sure to dilute wt BM or FM and not water <- thank u po po for choosing n buying baby Si first solid food - holles brand organic spelt porridge. I mixed it with baby Si daily dosage of virgin coconut oil, which makes it smoother and easier to eat...kills 2 birds with 1 stone
. New cleaning sponge to wash utensils
. prune juice/purée without added sugar...to prevent constipation... Any fruits that start wt p, is good for constipation...papaya, pear, prune, plum, peach.
(Get 5 pitted prunes, boil wt water...wait to cool n blend it or buy from baby food section the ready made ones)

Things to note:
.allergy (Serve new foods one at a time for 4 days to make sure your baby's not allergic, then introduce another. )
.poo ( gassiness, diarrhea, mucus in stool
.rash esp around mouth or anus
.runny nose, watery eyes, wheezing that doesn't seem to be due to a cold, and unusual wakefulness or crankiness — day or night
.Don't sweeten the taste by adding things like mashed bananas, applesauce, or juice. If you start off tempting baby with sugar, he'll soon want everything you offer to be just as sweet.

Foods that are most likely to trigger reactions.
.nuts (especially peanuts — which aren't recommended until age one, or even three if your family has a history of food allergies).
.egg whites (the yolks are okay by eight months)
.honey (which can contain spores of Clostridium botulinum)
.cow's milk.
.Some doctors also recommend waiting on wheat, citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes, and strawberries until baby has passed the one-year mark.

Let the pics speak for themselves ;)

Eagerly waiting not knowing whats to come!

First bite!
First reaction!

Mummy and Daddy, I want more please!
After many many bites!


  1. wow you've clearly done your research and prepared well for this milestone :D

    1. Yeayyy thanks for leaving me my FIRST ever comment!!!
      u just made my day... ;)