Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Happy 2nd birthday baby Skyler!!!

Written by  Mr. Hubby aka daddy Knaga!!!

My son turns 2!
He has brought so much joy, and some challenges as well, to our little family of 4.  He is really starting to be everything I have looked forward to in having a son. 
He is lively, filled with laughter, enjoys playing catch, and is already far more handsome than me (thank God) !

In following Sienna's 2nd bday tradition I made a small song and video for Skyler:

@jamiechaw and I cant wait to see what's in store for this boy in the near future... 

We love you Skyler!"

Here's the video of jie jie Sienna's 2nd bday #throwback


***Written by mummy****

So my baby Skye is not a baby anymore...officially a toddler!!! *sob sob*

P/s: no more free infant ticket on full fare airlines or cheap infant ticket on budget airlines...he has to buy an ADULT ticket???

Oh my.... my babies are no longer babies!!!
*sobs sobs*

This momma is going thru "not wanting to let my babies go" syndrome!!!
But as how my daughter sings her fav. FROZEN song, "Let it go, let it go!!!!!!!"

But aren't babies age between 1-2 the cutest??
Maybe its just me!!!
Ok time to let it go ...