Sunday, 24 February 2013

Be mine, valentine?

Sorry for the Delayed post....

This mummy has been busy over Chinese New Year (busy eating pineapple tarts actually...LOL), that valentines has been put at the back burner. Also after marriage, valentines has been almost non existent...hahahhaha.... Well, to be truthful, me n mr. Hubby are not into Vday ever since we got together.

But we do have a vday tradition every year...let me tell u how it all began...
The first year we got together, mr. Bf (back then), sprung up a surprise to impress me by cooking a shrimp dish. He got this yummy recipe from our friend Niaz. One of the ingredients calls for CORNSTARCH but mr hubby put in CORNFLOUR instead...n the rest is history! (U try it n be the judge)... So ever since then, every vday we would have this inside joke and laugh about mr. Hubby's CORNY SHRIMP!!! Gagagaggaahhaha...

Every year (once a year that is), mr. Hubby would cook for wifey! And this year he happily decides he wanted to "cook" for wifey... See pic of him smiling as he demonstrates his masterchef skills :)
And oh my, how he has improved...tremendously!!!
Kudos to mr. Hubby for alwiz trying to impress wifey...

Baby Si also wanted to get into the vday action...but she slept all throughout our vday lunch!!! *good girl...thank u for letting mummy n daddy have our romantic lunch*

So the next day we let her have a go at a vday photoshoot...see pics :)

Btw, the previous post has been updated... See the next post

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Baby Si as a Honey bay model? Cutest babies contest 2013


Baby si needs some votes...thk u uncles and aunties!

Sorry peeps, this voting is weird. In order to like baby Si pic, u need to like Honeybay's Facebook page first...then only u can vote

Steps to vote:
1) Like Honeybay's fb page -
2) Like baby Si pic n leave a comment -

Baby sienna, "please like my pic if u think I'm cute so I can be a Honeybay model"

Photos with the highest number of likes and comments will be the winners
Closing date of the contest: 15 March 2013

Sunday, 17 February 2013

A clean breast

"Exercise your creativity and show us pictures of you loving yourself!
How do you love yourself? You do so by taking care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. You take care of your body by eating well, exercising and getting plenty of rest as well as stimulating your mind by learning about new and interesting things.
Upload the picture of you loving yourself on Instagram"

Baby Si's mum won :)
This was the entry...see link -->

The prize: breast screening packages worth SGD$172.

Thanks to mr. hubby for being so concern of wifey's health to notify me of such contest!
And thanks to Thomson medical centre for selecting me as the winner... (That was where baby Si was born-will bring back memories once I collect my "prize")

A clean breast...

I'm not a book reader (but an avid magazine reader) and can count with 2 hands of the number of books that I have actually finished reading... And this is one of them! Thanks to mr. Hubby as we (including baby Si) got to meet his friend (from city news City Harvest Church) who is the writer of "A clean breast" Theresa Tan. It was the first time we attended a book signing. Mr. Hubby was grinning from ear to ear as he got a signature from the author herself while wifey captured the moment on camera! (Have the picture to prove it)

Her story is so personal, touching and motherly yet witty at times....
She is such a brave independent women on the outside but yet on the inside she is still a women...still needing her man and God to stand by her side as she fight through her battle.

I urge every mummy/wife/aunt/grandma/daughter/neighbor/friend basically EVERY women that has (.)(.) and a V to go for breast screening...yearly if possible.

Early prevention is better than cure.

Have u had urs done? "Chop chop curry pop" - singlish (Singaporean English) which means "hurry hurry, don't delay!"

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Potty trained!!!


Was gonna start potting training baby Si...started off on a good note. Baby Si pee-d not once...not twice... but thrice into the potty on separate times but throughout the same day!!! Good job baby Si....*this mummy was determined n focused-gave myself a pat on the back as baby Si diaper was dry n needed no changing!!!*

Baby Si had no problems sitting on her "throne"... No complaints whatsoever...she thinks its her new "ride"... But in true honesty, her legs aren't long enough for her to stand...LOL *evil laugh*!!!
So actually now is the best time to start potty training before she runs away!

But this mummy decided to pack up her potty and in it goes back to the storage!
Coz mummy n daddy will be traveling in next few months...*yeay*
So I guess mummy n daddy will have to continue changing more diapers (which by now we can do it in our sleep)... N more wastage/pollution to Mother Earth!!! *oh golly*

Mummies out there...when is the "right" time to start potty training? Any tips...

Monday, 11 February 2013

My 1st swimming experience...

It was an impromptu last minute outing...when our German friend, mr niño generously let us use his condo swimming pool since he was away for 3 weeks!
So off we went but this mummy hadn't had time to get baby Si a swimming outfit...just a float!!! Thinking a float would be more helpful than a bikini :p Thus the "super sienna" outfit will suffice for now :)

Even though baby Si has been to Phuket n krabi on 2 separate occasions, but we were to busy out "jalan2" (sight seeing), "makan-ing" (eating), massaging, etc...that the last thing we wanted to do was be stuck in the hotel swimming we haven't had the chance to bring baby Si for swimming...just dipping into the ocean by the beach!

We went swimming in the pool for 2 straight days...her first experience was a quite pleasant one!
She prefers chillaxing in the float, cruising along the waters than actually being under water...
We did eventually dunk her into the pool (tks daddy)!!! The second day wasn't as pleasant as it had been cloudy n raining earlier, thus making the water chilly...too chilly for baby Si's liking...

Baby Si: "thanks uncle niño for my first swimming experience!!!"

Friday, 8 February 2013

Happy 10 mths old baby Si!!!

Baby Si turned 10 months on 6th Feb 2013!!!

Here's our monthly family tradition.

Hopefully baby Si pics will cheer up ur day!!! It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:
. Able to suck n hold her own bottle for drinking water (being a pro at it even though just being reintroduced to bottle)
. Able to wave bye bye, dance, "sayang", "darth vador" voice on DEMAND, "gong xi, gong xi" gesture just in time for Chinese New Year!
. Able to walk with her walker with daddy's assistance (daddy's been giving baby Si driving lessons)
. Able to self feed herself wt puffs.

Baby Si got a present from Tata and Patti (karthik's parents). A 2 in 1 present....piano n a puppy!!! :) Nandri...
this mummy has alwiz wanted a puppy, but not for now as I have enuff diapers to change! Maybe when the kid(s) are bigger ;)

Baby Si: "this piano has been keeping me busy...busy banging on it!!! I make better music just by me banging on it!!! Will I be like all the other Asian oriental stereotype and end up in piano class....?"

Mummy n daddy: "It comes with Spanish lessons too!!! Perfect for baby Si to expand her language skills :)"