Sunday, 24 February 2013

Be mine, valentine?

Sorry for the Delayed post....

This mummy has been busy over Chinese New Year (busy eating pineapple tarts actually...LOL), that valentines has been put at the back burner. Also after marriage, valentines has been almost non existent...hahahhaha.... Well, to be truthful, me n mr. Hubby are not into Vday ever since we got together.

But we do have a vday tradition every year...let me tell u how it all began...
The first year we got together, mr. Bf (back then), sprung up a surprise to impress me by cooking a shrimp dish. He got this yummy recipe from our friend Niaz. One of the ingredients calls for CORNSTARCH but mr hubby put in CORNFLOUR instead...n the rest is history! (U try it n be the judge)... So ever since then, every vday we would have this inside joke and laugh about mr. Hubby's CORNY SHRIMP!!! Gagagaggaahhaha...

Every year (once a year that is), mr. Hubby would cook for wifey! And this year he happily decides he wanted to "cook" for wifey... See pic of him smiling as he demonstrates his masterchef skills :)
And oh my, how he has improved...tremendously!!!
Kudos to mr. Hubby for alwiz trying to impress wifey...

Baby Si also wanted to get into the vday action...but she slept all throughout our vday lunch!!! *good girl...thank u for letting mummy n daddy have our romantic lunch*

So the next day we let her have a go at a vday photoshoot...see pics :)

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  1. Hahahah thanks Vera...
    Yes, she is getting big!
    Soon turning 1... How time flies :(