Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Merry Xmas and a happy new year!!!

So many blessings to close the year 2013!!!

Just in the month of December, we were blessed with lots of free gifts!!!

All these I won in different kinds of contests
.2 theater tickets to Notre Dame de Paris at Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre ($58x2=$116)
.2 tickets "american hustle" preview movie screening ($10x2=$20)
.christmas turkey with chestnut sausage stuffing with cranberry and Madeira sauce with sautéed vegetables (worth $138+) from pan pacific hotel
.2 tickets to Xtend Barre class ($40x2=$80)

So happy that mr. Hubby  and I were able to attend a few of these events with the help of gong gong who came to visit us for a week... He was the babysitter for us at the right timing...

Mr.hubby and I attended our first theater together as a couple. We watched Notre dame de Paris  at marina bay sands grand theatre... We had a red carpet arrival as we walked in because it was the opening night... It was hard to understand what was going on as the thespians were dancing and singing all at the same time...but just being there to enjoy the mechanics and efforts that were involved in it...were just amazing....gong gong and baby Si spent time enjoying the view outside MBS and then were joined by chiu chiu Jason and baby Si's cousin, ha- min! 

We also managed to squeezed in a lil' "us" time together by watching the movie "hunger games 2"... The last "hunger games" movie was a movie that we both watched together right before baby Si was born! So this time, it was just right to watch the 2nd of the trilogy before baby KarMie2 pops out.

Baby Si had her first ever dental checkup at Thomson dental... The dentist was way too nice that he wasn't able to get baby Si to budge open her mouth! Baby Si cooporated by sitting and lying down. She was taking in the lights, dentist mask, tools, etc... But was just too afraid to open her mouth. So the most that the dentist could do was lift up her lips to check her front teeth and gave it thumbs up!
Gong gong was there to baby sit while mummy's turn to have her checkup. Then right after, mummy went to her gynae checkup while gong gong babysat baby Si at the nearby mall...

Baby Si attended her first indoor gym class at MyGym with daddy!!! Mummy n gong gong were there too to capture the moments on camera... Baby Si enjoyed it very much, running and jumping around. She was the youngest in the class. She was scared to participate in some of the acrobatics stunts...like doing the tumbles, hanging from the bars, etc... After that we all had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant... It was the last night before gong gong had to leave! 

We were happy that were able to enjoy our blessing with others!
Mr. Hubby is not a big fan of turkey...so he commented that if we didnt attend our Xmas party with church friends, I would have to finish the whole turkey all by myself!!! Gessshhhm that turkey was bigger than my preggie belly! Heavier too!!!
We had a great time at the Xmas party... Enjoying good food, good company, good games, exchanging of gifts!!! Baby Si also got presents from all the lovely aunties and uncles...thank u sooooo much...baby Si loves all the new toys n it kept her busy busy busy...

Too bad this mummy cannot enjoy some of these free gifts like
.2 tickets "american hustle" preview movie screening (who wants to babysit baby Si???)
.2 tickets to Xtend Barre class (don't think they want a 33 weeks preggie lady jumping n prancing around)
Who wants to "date" mr. Hubby? 
Who will be the "lucky" one to enjoy these blessings??? 

These are just snippets of KarMie's blessings as we have the whole full list of KarMie's 2013 blessings that we keep...we do this every year to count our blessings...do u have one as well???

The NAGAS wanna wish u a merry Xmas and a happy new year!!! 
Can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the year 2014!!!

More pics can be found on mr. Hubby fb link here:

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Push present??? What is it...

Ever heard of the term push present? Well most Asians wouldn't know it as it's only common in the western world... I learnt it from my american friends when I spent 6 years in the US...
So let me educate all u preggie ladies out there ;)

"A push present (also known as a push giftbaby mama gift or baby bauble) is a present a father gives to the mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child. 
The tradition of gift-giving to commemorate a birth has long roots in England and India."

Funnily enough, my "Indian"/"American" hubby have not heard of this before...
But after being "educated", he surprised me with a new "atas" camera which was the perfect gift as we got to capture all of baby Si pics since day 1 (fresh from the oven) and been using it for this blog and fb pics for all ur entertainment ;)
I wonder what's next for baby KarMie#2??? Hehehehe....
It doesn't have to be expensive...just the thought that counts (knowing that ur hubby appreciated the 9 months of carrying ur baby)!!! It can just be as simple as a "whole coffee or choc cake" to satisfy ur cravings before the start of yucky tasting confinement food...*hint hint from Bengawan Solo plz*
I've even heard that some mothers get diamonds... One diamond for each baby being popped! Hmmmm, but I wonder how many diamond rings can one wear? I'm happy wt my perfect diamond engagement ring :) plus, don't forget that diapers costs $$ and baby stuff too!!!

P/s: cant neglect the expecting fathers too for putting up with us...hormonal changes, mood swings, food cravings, back massages, foot massages, indigestion, nausea, morning sickness, sleepless nights, itchiness, bit*hiness, etc... Hehhehehe....

Monday, 16 December 2013

Honeymoon, BABYMOON , BALImoon!!!

Honeymoon, BABYMOON , BALImoon!!!

Call me crazy??? 30 weeks preggie and we were off to Bali... I actually bought tickets to Bali for next year (end of January ~> 2 weeks before my due date...) but after family and friends have said how absurd the idea was...we decided to forgo those tickets...dun wanna deliver baby KarMie#2 in Bali right...hehehe... So anyone wanna date mr. Hubby to Bali end of January...to be exact 21-24 jan??? He wants to go to "pet" those lions and tigers!!! That is what I will call CRAZY...

So we spent a well deserved relaxing vacation in Bali from 6-10 dec!!! I really needed this break before baby KarMie#2 comes out...coz once the baby is out...is back to hard work and sleepless nites!!! The easiest part is when the baby is nicely hibernating in my belly ;) 

This the first time baby Si stepped foot in Indonesia...me and mr. Hubby went there almost 5 yrs ago for our honeymoon!!! Although we were there for honeymoon, but we managed to cover all the touristy spots and went all around the whole of Bali... So this time, with a huge belly and baby Si in tow...as mr. hubby  puts it "extra human baggages".... We decided just to stay put and relax!!! And that is EXACTLY what we did...eat, sleep, shop, massage, swim; eat, sleep, shop, massage, swim; and the cycle goes on!!!  

Comparing Thailand to Indonesia:
.Food wise - Thailand has much better variety of food ... Lots of street food...whereas in Bali, no street food??? Went hunting for a "pasar malam" / night market but couldn't find any despite asking locals around... I liked the local "nasi Padang rice" with the yummy varieties of spicy "sambal"... But without the sambal, it's not as nice and tasty. So mr. Hubby didnt really like it since he can't take the spicy sambal...
We ended up eating all sorts of other cuisines...Greek, Italian, Indian, Thai, etc.
The food in Bali is more expensive than Thailand...
. Massages - Balinese massage is way better and soothing than Thai massage... And cheaper too!!! Not that massages in Thailand is expensive either... 1 hour for 60,000 rupiah = 6usd??? Gessshhh... No wonder mr. Hubby went for 2 massages in a day...one in the afternoon during baby Si nap and another late at nite!!! Unfortunately this mummy was warned by grandma to not get any massages... But hey, I did enjoy some spa time while mr. Hubby babysat baby Si in the hotel... Hair cream, bath spa, body scrub, head massages, etc... Since mr. Hubby had so many massage opportunities, he decided to be adventurous and tried out all sorts (hot stone Swedish, 4 hands, shiatsu etc...)
.beaches - kuta beach is very very crowded... Mr. Hubby and me decided that beaches in Thailand is way better than Bali... The water in Thailand is cleaner, blue-ish, clearer, more scenic... Bali beach reminded me of port Dickson or Penang...
. Shopping is also better in Thailand as there's more variety of different things being sold...whereas in Bali every stall seems to sell the same thing. But there's a local mall called Matahari which sells souvenirs, clothes,shoes, etc at a cheap decent price without the hassle of bargaining and in the convenience of air conditioning

Mummy tips: 
. Definitely stroller friendly in kuta area...the sidewalk pavement is well paved.
. Baby friendly with high chair provided in restaurants and food court.
. Diaper changing area only in malls.
. Mini marts everywhere... Can get daily necessities easily.
. Public transport - we walked mostly everywhere. Our hotel provided free shuttle to kuta square... So we had them drop us at the kuta square every evening and leisurely strolled home. Public taxis are easily available with trust worthy meters. But don't get stuck in traffic though.

I would strongly recommend a short getaway at least once a year!!! 
Here are the reasons why:
Me n mr. Hubby hardly give expensive gifts, as we rather spend the money on a vacation!!!

More pics on mr.  Hubby fb:

Our honeymoon pics (back in the days):

Part 1: 

Part 2: 

Part 3: 

Part 4:

Part 5:

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Happy 20 months baby Si!!!

Happy 20 months baby Si!!!

Baby Si turns 20 months on 6th dec 2013!!! Which is tomorrow....yeayyyy!!! 
For the first time, this mummy is early to post :)
(19 months old post <~ if u missed it)

Hopefully baby Si pics will cheer up ur day!!! It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:
. Able to take off pants and diapers when instructed...
. Able to throw rubbish/diapers/anything "icky" into the rubbish bin on her own... (She did this a few mths back-this mummy forgot to record it)
. Scared of anything "icky" and will point it out to mummy!!! I guess this mummy will b busy cleaning the floors nonstop... I need one of those automatic robotic vacuum to catch up!
. Finally reached the 9+kg mark...for the longest time she was at the 8kg range...but this mummy after some time couldn't care less about her weight...many had commented she's skinny, need to feed formula milk, weight gain milk, etc...but as long as she's eating well (which she does cause she eats non-stop but small portions throughout the day), active and poo poo well (3-5 times a day)...
. Demands that she holds her own straw n cup while drinking her milk
. Role plays with her soft toys...pretend to feed them, put diapers on, etc...
. From 2 naps down to 1 nap time

On a side note:
Just the other day, we were watching the movie "monsters inc"...
(my 2nd time, mr. Hubby's and baby Si 1st time)
And no kidding, baby Si thought that the little girl in the movie call "Boo" is actually her!!!
She kept saying "na na" and pointing to "Boo"...
Mr. Hubby said, "oh, maybe sienna thinks all babies are na na"
But I said no way..sienna knows who sienna is and who other babies are...

Then while watching the movie, baby Si kept saying, "monster carry na na"... "Na na peekaboo"... "Na na where???"... "Na na "ku"- cry in mandarin"

Ok let the pic speaks for itself...
More pics can be found on mr. Hubby's fb...

Oh yeah we will be leaving for our well deserved short getaway very very very soon!!! BABYMOONing!!!
Can't wait... 
Stay tune to find out where we went :)