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Hi, My name is Sienna Chaw Naga aka Baby Si. My daddy's name is Karthik and mummy's is Jamie aka KarMie (Karthik+Jamie). 
I am proud to be a Chin-dian!!! My daddy is an Indian American, mummy a Malaysian Chinese and they met in the States while working together at Cummins, Inc. I was made in China :) Since then, I have travelled to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, USA, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia (all while being comfortably in mummy's womb). I took my first trip when I was only 3 months n we went to Phuket, Thailand as mummy needed a vacation! 2 yrs later, my parents gave me a baby brother, Skyler Chaw Naga aka baby Skye! Now we live in Charlotte,NC (USA)...
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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Push present??? What is it...

Ever heard of the term push present? Well most Asians wouldn't know it as it's only common in the western world... I learnt it from my american friends when I spent 6 years in the US...
So let me educate all u preggie ladies out there ;)

"A push present (also known as a push giftbaby mama gift or baby bauble) is a present a father gives to the mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child. 
The tradition of gift-giving to commemorate a birth has long roots in England and India."

Funnily enough, my "Indian"/"American" hubby have not heard of this before...
But after being "educated", he surprised me with a new "atas" camera which was the perfect gift as we got to capture all of baby Si pics since day 1 (fresh from the oven) and been using it for this blog and fb pics for all ur entertainment ;)
I wonder what's next for baby KarMie#2??? Hehehehe....
It doesn't have to be expensive...just the thought that counts (knowing that ur hubby appreciated the 9 months of carrying ur baby)!!! It can just be as simple as a "whole coffee or choc cake" to satisfy ur cravings before the start of yucky tasting confinement food...*hint hint from Bengawan Solo plz*
I've even heard that some mothers get diamonds... One diamond for each baby being popped! Hmmmm, but I wonder how many diamond rings can one wear? I'm happy wt my perfect diamond engagement ring :) plus, don't forget that diapers costs $$ and baby stuff too!!!

P/s: cant neglect the expecting fathers too for putting up with us...hormonal changes, mood swings, food cravings, back massages, foot massages, indigestion, nausea, morning sickness, sleepless nights, itchiness, bit*hiness, etc... Hehhehehe....