Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Lucky no 33!!!

Was looking through my blog and noticed that I have done bday shoutouts for gong gong, po po, Mr.hubby, kiddos, etc...but none about yours truly...

So this year being the only year I get to celebrate 33...I will make a blog post about my bday!!! Why so special, one might ask? Nothing actually but 3 has been my fav number ever since growing up...maybe cause I was always third place in primary n secondary school academically...(yes, they do rank you in schools in Malaysia) n maybe running as well...yes, I ran short, long, group, etc
Oh yeah and I'm 3rd born in the family too!!!

Ok back to my bday...
Woke up way too early by baby Si...yes, once she wakes up, she declares that the whole world MUST wake up including her di di skyler n yours truly... (thought this mummy could sleep in..think long long!!! Hahaha)

Was greeted by a lovely bday song by Mr. Hubby n the kiddos...(3 different versions)
English, Christian "God is blessing you now" n Mandarin...daddy has yet to teach the kiddos the Tamil version? 

Then sienna had our mummy-daughter convo that truly made my day!!!

Baby Si: When I am bigger, I want to be a stewardess just like mummy!!! Then when I'm older, I want to be a MUMMY...

this mummy: Awwww...proceeded to give baby Si lots of hugs n kisses ***almost tearing up***

Such a great "lift me up" on my special day...makes me think being a SAHM was the right choice for me :)  n made it so worth while...

It was truly MY KIND of day well spent with my loved doesn't matter if the laundry is calling my name, house in a mess, dishes piling up,  etc...I used to be OCD that I can't even stand hairs on the floors...(anyone has the same problem???) or maybe it's just me....***hint hint to Mr. Hubby to get me a robot vacuum perhaps???*** but now I just close 1 eye or 2...or wait till sienna tells me to clean it...(which isn't long as she's also like mummy)...

ALL these CAN WAIT as this momma is having an OFF day!!! No cooking either... plus, I get to pick n eat ALL my fav food... n this mummy got a GOOD massage from Mr.hubby and mini massages from the kiddos...

P/s: my bday celebrations to be continued as its a longggg weekend. Mr. Hubby's treat awaits...but hopefully won't be photo-spamming too much anymore!!!

"Selamat Hari Raya" to all my Muslim travels to those travelling!

Follow the rest of my day thru the pics below: Copied n pasted from my Instagram/facebook pics updates today!

My birthday is getting on to a good start with #homedelivery of my fav #ayampenyet all the way from #nus (thanks to a good friend, Elly)...used to eat this everyday when I was preggy with Sienna #justsaying #notpregnant #twoisenough ... no curry sauce but #extrachilli!!! Just the way I liked it 

Savouring or devouring every bite of our yummy #dessert!!! #DURIANS!!!(Need to cool down after the spicy #ayampenyet) mummy n skyler's fav...too bad jie jie #siennaskyler is in playgroup

Everyone feeding mummy #frenchfries or feeding themselves???hmmmm....#canYouGuess

Ending my day, high on #SUGAR!!!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes on FB...sorry I got my hands FULL, but I truly appreciate every single #birthdayWish ... n sorry for #photoSpamming but hey, cut me some slack, its #myBirthday!!! 

Pic taken from Mr. Hubby FB 
"Happy Birthday to my lovely Jamie Chaw"
Disclaimer: photo taken pre-kids days!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Happy 39mths old to baby Si and happy 17 mths old to baby Skye!!!

Happy 39mths old to baby Si and happy 17 mths old to baby Skye!!!
(previous month's post <~ if u missed it!)

Here's our monthly family tradition of taking Polaroid pics.
Hopefully baby Si n baby skye pics will cheer up ur day!!!
It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)
Milestones reached:
.baby Skye walking backwards on his own
.baby Skye running...well more like jogging on slow mode. He "runs" with both hands stretched out as if trying to balance....cute!!!
.baby Skye insists on self feeding n drinking by himself. He would climb the stool n grab a spoon or fork when food is ready. He would rather not eat if I feed him. So i let him self feed, then I secretly feed him in between while he gets messy n distracted with food!!!
.baby Skye has a fascination with spoons...not just any spoon but must be stainless steel. He walks around holding his spoon. To the point he grips it to sleep as well. He now knows to climb the stool n takes the spoon by himself...sometimes a pen will do. Patti (Mr.hubby mom) joked that he might have been born with a silver spoon...
.baby Skye knows to throw tantrum!!! He is very persistent to the point that he will cry n whine n lay down on the floor...oh boyyyy!!!!
Sienna only did that once she turned 3!!!
.Plays peekaboo
Now that he knows how to walk, he will follow jie jie sienna n hide behind the wall pillars downstairs! He shrieks when I find him! N then runs away when I try to catch him n proceeds to hide again...
Jie jie sienna loves playing as well...just imagine the screams
.weight 9.3kg, 78cm (during his check up on 18 June)
.meeting his half Korean cousin ha min for the 1st time
.meeting "tatta" n "Patti" <-- grandfather and grandmother in Tamil ( Mr.hubby parents) for the 1st time

.baby Si finally is 12kg. For the longest time (more than a year?) she was at 11kg static...
.baby SI at 90cm...time to get a MRT card for the not so little one!!! But kids still travel FREE up till age 7
.baby Si no longer able to watch movies at the cinemas for free once she is above 90cm!

.baby Si n Skye first time to India!!! (Will blog about this soon...hopefully)

Click here ->>> Throwback baby Si's 17mths!
If u click the link, it will take you to the milestone of baby Si where she self weaned herself from (.)(.) at 17 months old...
Glad this time, we don't have to worry about weaning baby Skye from (.)(.) breastfeeding as this momma's has officially "close shop" aka "factory shutdown"!!!
Will "jia you" and continue breastfeeding as long as I can or as long as Baby Skye's a "love-hate" relationship I have with breastfeeding, (as he's still waking up ever so often n using me as a pacifier) but I keep telling myself, since this will be my last breastfeeding kid, I will "jia you" aka "add oil"!!!
To all breastfeeding mommies out there, lets "Gambahteh" together!!!

Pic below: (before India trip)... packing Chinese kids with yummy snacks!!!

Pic below: (after India trip) unpacking Indian kids with their new toys and new Indian outfits!!! Thanks to mr. Hubby's relatives :)