Monday, 23 February 2015

Baby Skye 1 year old bday celebration!!!

Since turning 1 is a big thing, baby Skyler gets a post just for himself instead of sharing the limelight with jie jie Sienna (in previous post)...

So what did we do for Baby Skye's 1st birthday??? was a 4 day weekend for daddy since mr. Hubby took 2 days off just for his lil' prince special day :) 
Gong gong n po po joined in the festivities too by visiting us for 2 weeks...

Think the 2nd child syndrome has kicked in as we didn't get any presents for baby Skye...***O'OooooooooHHHhhhhhh*** just a cake and LOTS of HUGS and KISSES :) :) :) 
(Update: Oh yeah we did a hand molding for baby skye as a nice reminder of how tiny his hand is) 

This mummy's motto is "RE-use, RE-Duce and RE-cycle"... So all of sienna's 1 year old bday presents automatically became Skyler's 1 year old bday presents too (of coz minus the girly stuff/outfits/etc)...muahahaha.... Did I mentioned that our tiny living room has been overtaken by the kids toys!!! I can barely walked and some days we trip and do the "dancing walk" when we cross the living room...

Oh did I mentioned that jie jie cried when we sang the bday song to skyler instead of to her???
1st child syndrome :p
So guess what we had to re-sing it again...but this time to Sienna!!!
(We unexpectedly caught it on camera - guess who stole the limelight???)

Here's a recap of what we did...
.family movie - kid's movie "The book of life"! Think Sienna is too young to enjoy this movie as it was too intense...but we sure did enjoy the popcorn :)
.Movies -Took the opportunity to watch a movie since gong gong n po po took Sienna to cousin Zach ha min for a weekend stay over...and guess what movie mr. Hubby chose!!! "PK" - 3 hours LONGGG....but a good Bollywood one as it shows the reality of things going on in India but in a comedic way... Same director as the famous "3 Idiots"!!! 
(Note to self: But I think going to the movies will be a no-no now that skyler is at the phase where he wants to go down, crawl n cruise...)
.POLW - Sienna fav. "Daddy-daughther date" spot as baby Si has an annual membership there!!! It's a kids water park...since it was baby Skye bday weekend, we decided to take baby Skye to join in the fun as well...but gong gong, mummy n baby Skye were just chilling at the lawn drinking coffee n taking pics!
.chillis restaurant at sentosa for dinner
.hort park walking trail to telok Blangah tree tops to Vivocity! Very stroller friendly except the very last part going down the steps! Very nice scenic walk among the tree tops ... Highly recommended!
.brasserie les saveurs - FRENCH buffet!!! Don't remember the last time we really enjoyed a sit down dinner QUIETLY what more a BUFFET... Since Si was at cousin Zach place, we decided to splurge and spend quality time with baby Skye over GOOD YUMMY FOOD... We sat there for 3 long Skye did indulged in yummy FRENCH food, delicious delicate FRENCH chocs n desserts n coffee!!!
He slept after his meal so mummy n daddy could continue enjoying our meal...
We were even given a private booth to ourselves overlooking the buffet area and large windows displaying the gardens outside! Mr. Hub was all praise for their amazing with rosemary herbs and Parmesan cheese...that the chef himself came to hand deliver a loaf for us to "tapao"!!!
.sichuan restaurant- actual cake cutting ceremony...glad gong gong n po po came to join!
The Sichuan food was yummy...really spicy n salty....the way I like it....hehehe....
Baby Skye had his first bite of cake....more like LOTS of bites...he loves it so much :) I still remember baby si's first taste of cake. She didn't really know how to enjoy n eat it....she took just one bite!
.chinatown - to soak up the CNY atmosphere but nothing much going on, more for tourists...selling souvenirs, deco, etc! Was crowded so we ate n left!
(Update- mr. Hubby happened to be in Chinatown during the weekend before CNY..oh boy was it packed like sardines...thank goodness we went during the weekday)
.clarke quay - On the way back from Chinatown, stopped by Clarke quay to enjoy the night scene!
.botanic gardens - picnic with a group of friends... Well organized picnic I would say. So much variety of food, desserts, drinks, games, etc! Si n Skye had so much fun on the grass ;) 

If u see closely, it was all about food food food!!! 
The whole week n weekend long of eating yummy food :) 
Now we are still eating nonstop for CNY...***gesssshhhh***

More pics on mr.hubby FB

Friday, 13 February 2015


L.O.V.E.... The picture says it all...Love is all around :)

I thought I met my LOVE when I met my husband....but he gave me much more LOVE(s) when we were blessed with our 2 lovely  babies...!!! 
we are happy, healthy n contented...what more can we ask for...

Xoxo, Love u lots mr. Hubby!!!

We celebrated Vday a day early as we didn't want to be fighting the crowd...
Mr. Hubby gave mummy the freedom to choose the restaurant for our dinner date(s) <-- plural coz kids tagged along too :p
So what did this mummy end up chosing? Old town white coffee restaurant at Jcube :) 
Good old Malaysia food of course :) 
The chicken rendang Nasi lemak was super yum + yummlicious Ipoh old town white coffee=fav!!!
Xoxo, from a satisfied customer...***Buurrpppp***

P/s: had to share it with my 2 now It's midnight and I'm hungry :( 
Pineapple tarts it is :) starting CNY early...

We started our dinner in a mall called jcube, then headed to another mall called westgate to bring Sienna to the largest indoor playground, then we headed to another mall Jem to the bookstore to get us, OUR Valentine's Day present!!! All 3 malls within 5 mins walking distance from each other, there's a 4th mall called Big Box!!! So spoiled for choices :) I'm sooooo gonna miss this place once mr. Hubby move office end of March :(

In case u are wondering what OUR one Vday present we bought together? It's a recipe book!!! 
No fancy pancy gifts (never liked OVERPRICED fresh flowers anyways!!! It's gonna die the next day but chocs I will gladly take)
Mr. Hubby came up with a brilliant idea to get it so he can start wearing an apron in the kitchen :)
All for the benefits of the kids (and us) of course....***say yeayyy to healthy cooking for the fam***
Cheapest Vday present ever...$5.62 -$5 voucher = $0.62!!!
It's not the price of the present that counts but memories created will be PRICELESS...

Hope u all have a great Vday too ;)

#throwback to last year Valentine's Day blog post --> click here
Where KarMie's blog almost went R.I.P....hehehe....
but we are back with a vengeance...muahahaha!!!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Happy 34 mths to baby Si and happy 1 year old to baby Skye!!!

Happy 34 mths to baby Si and happy 1 year old to baby Skye!!!

(previous month's post <~ if u missed it!

Here's our monthly family tradition of taking Polaroid pics.
Hopefully baby Si n baby skye pics will cheer up ur day!!!
It did cheer us up when snapping these pics... :)

Milestones reached:
.Baby Skye able to hand sign "more" to communicate that he wants more!
.Baby Skye climbing up and down steps...
.Baby Skye FINALLY has his first 2 bottom teeth popping out!!! Biting time...***ouchhh***
.Baby Skye dancing (moving his bum and body) when there's music :)
.Baby Skye doing the spitting sound n imitating jie jie

.baby Si able to put on her own pants!!!! (She has been able to undress herself for some time now)...
Now all she need is to put on her own top...which I think will take more time...
.baby Si first time attending school :) click link here...
.baby Si able to recite her DAYS...from Monday - sunday!

Click here ->>> Throwback baby Si's 12mths!

Will blog about baby skyler 1st bday celebration once mr. Hubby has transferred the pics from the camera ;) stay tuned!!!