Friday, 13 February 2015


L.O.V.E.... The picture says it all...Love is all around :)

I thought I met my LOVE when I met my husband....but he gave me much more LOVE(s) when we were blessed with our 2 lovely  babies...!!! 
we are happy, healthy n contented...what more can we ask for...

Xoxo, Love u lots mr. Hubby!!!

We celebrated Vday a day early as we didn't want to be fighting the crowd...
Mr. Hubby gave mummy the freedom to choose the restaurant for our dinner date(s) <-- plural coz kids tagged along too :p
So what did this mummy end up chosing? Old town white coffee restaurant at Jcube :) 
Good old Malaysia food of course :) 
The chicken rendang Nasi lemak was super yum + yummlicious Ipoh old town white coffee=fav!!!
Xoxo, from a satisfied customer...***Buurrpppp***

P/s: had to share it with my 2 now It's midnight and I'm hungry :( 
Pineapple tarts it is :) starting CNY early...

We started our dinner in a mall called jcube, then headed to another mall called westgate to bring Sienna to the largest indoor playground, then we headed to another mall Jem to the bookstore to get us, OUR Valentine's Day present!!! All 3 malls within 5 mins walking distance from each other, there's a 4th mall called Big Box!!! So spoiled for choices :) I'm sooooo gonna miss this place once mr. Hubby move office end of March :(

In case u are wondering what OUR one Vday present we bought together? It's a recipe book!!! 
No fancy pancy gifts (never liked OVERPRICED fresh flowers anyways!!! It's gonna die the next day but chocs I will gladly take)
Mr. Hubby came up with a brilliant idea to get it so he can start wearing an apron in the kitchen :)
All for the benefits of the kids (and us) of course....***say yeayyy to healthy cooking for the fam***
Cheapest Vday present ever...$5.62 -$5 voucher = $0.62!!!
It's not the price of the present that counts but memories created will be PRICELESS...

Hope u all have a great Vday too ;)

#throwback to last year Valentine's Day blog post --> click here
Where KarMie's blog almost went R.I.P....hehehe....
but we are back with a vengeance...muahahaha!!!

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