Monday, 11 February 2013

My 1st swimming experience...

It was an impromptu last minute outing...when our German friend, mr niño generously let us use his condo swimming pool since he was away for 3 weeks!
So off we went but this mummy hadn't had time to get baby Si a swimming outfit...just a float!!! Thinking a float would be more helpful than a bikini :p Thus the "super sienna" outfit will suffice for now :)

Even though baby Si has been to Phuket n krabi on 2 separate occasions, but we were to busy out "jalan2" (sight seeing), "makan-ing" (eating), massaging, etc...that the last thing we wanted to do was be stuck in the hotel swimming we haven't had the chance to bring baby Si for swimming...just dipping into the ocean by the beach!

We went swimming in the pool for 2 straight days...her first experience was a quite pleasant one!
She prefers chillaxing in the float, cruising along the waters than actually being under water...
We did eventually dunk her into the pool (tks daddy)!!! The second day wasn't as pleasant as it had been cloudy n raining earlier, thus making the water chilly...too chilly for baby Si's liking...

Baby Si: "thanks uncle niño for my first swimming experience!!!"

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