Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Potty trained!!!


Was gonna start potting training baby Si...started off on a good note. Baby Si pee-d not once...not twice... but thrice into the potty on separate times but throughout the same day!!! Good job baby Si....*this mummy was determined n focused-gave myself a pat on the back as baby Si diaper was dry n needed no changing!!!*

Baby Si had no problems sitting on her "throne"... No complaints whatsoever...she thinks its her new "ride"... But in true honesty, her legs aren't long enough for her to stand...LOL *evil laugh*!!!
So actually now is the best time to start potty training before she runs away!

But this mummy decided to pack up her potty and in it goes back to the storage!
Coz mummy n daddy will be traveling in next few months...*yeay*
So I guess mummy n daddy will have to continue changing more diapers (which by now we can do it in our sleep)... N more wastage/pollution to Mother Earth!!! *oh golly*

Mummies out there...when is the "right" time to start potty training? Any tips...

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