Wednesday, 8 April 2015


I'm soooo happy we are living here in Singapore...
Being a FOODIE who loves to MAKAN MAKAN MAKAN... The only thing that's stopping me is the fact that I'm growing sideways! But breastfeeding my son has been sending me for late night suppers!!!
Thankfully Singapore is to the rescue as I can find YUMMY FOOD 24/7!!!

Singapore being a multiracial country, we are so blessed to have all types of different cuisine...
Every time my family wanna eat out, first question being asked is, "what cuisine"? Then followed by, "which restaurant?" ... We are so SPOILT for choices....and best of all u can get it either cheaply or lavishly!!!
mid range=restaurants
lavish=buffet in hotels
And we don't have to compromise on the standards as its clean (checks conducted frequently) with a sign that tells u the grading that the eatery received, displayed publicly!!!

My "ROJAK" Hubby = Indian American, me = Chinese Malaysian, kids = CHINDIAN, one can't deny that we have different appetites for different food at different times! The answer is FOOD COURT=FOOD HEAVEN :) all under 1 roof...

Let the pics speak for themselves!!!
(Warning: salivating and drooling will be expected)

P/s: every time we travel (which is quite frequently), by the 2nd or 3rd day, we start craving  for Singapore food...don't get me started on the snacks/drinks/desserts/etc...
Oh boy, I wish I can eat eat eat all day long :p

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Fingers crossed for the x blogger contest!!!

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