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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Iherb (5th time)

This will be my 5th time buying from non other than iherb :) <-- told ya it was addicting!!!
Last time I blogged at -> click here

My last buy from iherb took 9 days to arrived (which I thought was quite fast already)... 
This time it only took 5 days??? Really??? All the way from USA? I'm still in shocked/suspicious...

So again, I'm justifying this purchase as I'm already saving tons of $$ by giving liquid gold (.)(.) to baby Skye!!! And who doesn't want to eat healthy.... Healthy family = HAPPY mummy!!!

So load up mummies...  don't forget to use my referral code : "VUY141" at checkout because if you are a first time customer, you get $10 off for orders more than $40 or $5 off for orders less than $40! That makes your overall costs even cheaper!
Better still just click on this link http://www.iherb.com/?rcode=VUY141 and start shopping!!!
And want more savings?

Extra 5% discount for orders over $60.00

Pic below: MY GOODIES...well, OUR GOODIES :)

Update: on the CAFFEINE free COFFEE PERO from my last buy ...
After trying it, it wasn't my "cup of tea" or in this case not my "cup of coffee" :( LITERALLY...doesn't have the coffee taste n smell!!! Ended up in po po and gong gong's pantry...not sure if it had better luck there...
I guess baby Skye will still be high on caffeine... Mummy promise to limit to 2 cups max per day...
With baby si, I stayed away for coffee for some time...then slowly added 1 cup max per day!
That was coz wanted to be cautious with first baby...
But now with 2 kids "running" around, I need my "me time" indulgence #2ndBabySyndrome #careFreeChillaxMom

Update2: tried the instant hot cocoa drink for the first time...was looking for a different hot drink other than coffee/tea so I can alternate and maybe perhaps cut down on my coffee/tea intake?
After reading the reviews, I went ahead n got it... Quite tasty but a tad too sweet for my liking!
The plus points are its organic and low fat... But for me, I add it to my fresh full fat milk for that added uuummmpphhh!!! So no low fat here. Baby Skye will thank me for it :)

Update3: bought the peanut butter to try as mr. Hubby is a peanut butter junkie!!! He and baby si and (soon baby Skye) have been going thru lots of BIGGEST bottle of peanut butter that we buy from NTUC fair price. I thought I would buy this thinking it was less sweet but alas, it had the same sugar content :( the only plus point is that it's organic! Guess we won't be buying it again... 

WARNING (again): the Melatonin tablets are not mine...don't think Baby Skye will appreciate a "SLEEPING LIKE A LOG" mummy right??? And also MUST MENTION that its not Mr. Hubby's either....looking at the amount, can open a pharmacy soon perhaps?

Disclaimer: I do not work for iherb, I wish I did then I could do shopping all day long for healthy food :)

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