Friday, 10 April 2015

Happy bday gong gong!!!

Did a shoutout for my mom before: click here

Realized haven't done a blogpost on my papa aka baby Si n baby Skye gong gong!!!

Happy 64 years young Pa!!!
Thank u for all ur MANY MANY years of working hard for us ( n still is working )...
Thank u for all the flights u have brought us on n creating many memories together especially when we traveled :)
Still glee whenever I hear the "captain's" announcement n felt so very proud of u...
"That's my papa!!! That's my papa!!!" 

How many gong gong's out there has a six pack (okay, maybe four pack) n can do push-ups, pull-ups, etc!!!

Here's wishing u many many more blessed years to come...
Hoping baby Si n baby Skye get to travel more with their gong gong...
Continue to spoil ur grandkids...n buy yummy goodies/Japan chocs/Korean snacks/etc for them...muahahahaha!!! ***ahem ahem*** so this mummy can secretly eat them during my midnight supper!!!

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