Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Kids say the DARNdest things...

So as always, we take the MRT everywhere we go...
(for my readers outside of Singapore/Msia, MRT= trains)
After having baby skyler, we tend to avoid public buses...

Back to the topic of this blog...
 As usual, whenever we take the MRT, baby sienna will say things like:
"Jie jie dress/nail polish/etc...hen piao lee-ang" = the lady's dress/nail polish/etc... Is very pretty
"Hi everybody!!!" <-- starts soft and gradually louder and louder until the person acknowledges her!!! She will look at me with her puppy eyes if that person doesn't acknowledge her... And continues saying hi to them LOUDLY...
Starts singing...

She entertains people on the MRT while getting loads of smiles and praises from them...

But this caught me by surprised as just recently: 
"The uncle du zi hen ta....HOR????" = the uncle tummy is very BIG...right???"
"The uncle mei you tou fa...OOOOOOoooo" = the uncle doesn't have any hair...Oh"

It caught this mummy by surprise!!!
*O-OOOoooooooHhhhhhh* *hides face in one corner*

Wanted to pretend I'm the "maid", but just then sienna turned around and said:
"Mummy, mummy... Wo yau Che raisins!!!" = mummy, mummy... I wanna eat my raisins!!!

There goes my coverup!!! This mummy left the MRT quickly and blushing-ly... :p

Oh well, lesson learnt!!! 
Kids are innocent and honest... The person might get a wake up call :)

On a side note:
Sienna often tells mummy... "Mummy hen piao lee-ang" = mummy is very pretty and gives me hugs and kisses... :) *hearts melt*
Even when this mummy is dressed in home-drappy-clothes and messy bun up hair and smelly!!!
It puts a smile on my tired face coz she said that on Mother's Day (and every now and then)
but it made it much more special and worthwhile coz it was Mother's Day  :) 
She made MY day...
Happy belated Mother's Day to all mummies out there... U are ur kids BEST!!!

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