Sunday, 29 June 2014

Still in awe and starstruck!!!

Had such a fun and amazing time "hanging" out and cooking with celebrity chef Bobby Chinn and famous Singapore blogger Xia Xue!!! (See previous blog post)

Even after few days have past, I'm still in awe and star struck :)

In case you missed our LIVE google hangout, You can still catch us on:

Too bad the echo was pretty bad...other than that, everything turned out quite well for being a LIVE show :)
Chef Bobby Chinn was doing his "thang" and cooking up a storm! 
While XiaXue was no doubt an awesome host :)

Thank you Nestlé for organizing this event...and for this once in a lifetime opportunity!!!
Cheers to healthy, easy and most importantly yummy meals from now on :)
Let us all pledge 'W' for "WELLNESS"!!!

(P/s: just made mango sticky rice (with the leftover sticky rice from the cooking show) last night and substituted the coconut milk with my awesome HOMEMADE yogurt (healthier option) and it was a HIT with the Si finished it with finger licking good!!!

Special thanks to the "behind the scenes" peeps:
1) The audio and visual guy AKA mr. Hubby...tks for holding baby Skye till he fell asleep in ur arms...
2) The babysitter AKA Gong gong... Specially flown in from KL *nahhhh, he just so happened to visit at the right time :)* ... Tks for bringing baby Si out to clementi mall for some bonding time over Ramen noodles :)

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