Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Baby Si beyond infinity solid food...

Baby Si beyond infinity solid food...

New food introduced:
.grapes (be sure to half or quarter it to prevent choking)... But now baby Si is an expert (thanks to gong gong for the training), just give her the whole bunch and she can pluck and eat the whole grapes!!!
.Cows milk (to be intro 12+ mths) <~ mixed it with her wheetabix cereal for her breakfast.
.coconut milk <~ baby Si loves "nasi lemak" just like her mummy!!! Yummy coconut fatty rice ;) on a side note, she also loves chicken rice!!! Double whammy... Now mummy n baby Si can share a meal from the same plate :)
.chocolate <~ baby Si rejected her 1 yr old bday cake, and also mummy n daddy's fav chocolate brownies... Then this mummy decided to give her some choc cupcakes at a friends wedding and she ate few mouthfuls ;) without any icing or fondant of course...
.durian <~ in malaysia and during the durian buffet...Click here!!!...tried a few times but baby Si kept rejecting it...oh well, baby Si very "ang moh" just like daddy! Yeay, that means more yummylicious durian all for mummy!!!
.peanut butter (sandwich)...her new fav. breakfast just like daddy!

Finger food:
.baby Si is able to eat chunks of chicken (dark meat) with only her 2 bottom teeth?
But now that she has more teeth sprouting, I'm sure it's much easier...
She loves chicken the most (out of all the meats)...
.raisins...she gulps it down!!!
.fishball...another meal that mummy n baby can share...kuay teow fishball noodle soup!!!

So what does baby Si think of her gourmet meal???

Baby Si: "mummy, I'm getting better at this eating thingy!!!"
Mummy: "can't wait when mummy don't have to pack any food from home whenever we go out!!!"

What new food should I intro next?
Stay tune to find out ;)

Here's a video of baby Si eating her fav seaweed bought from Korea...
seaweed eating machine...Click here!!!

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