Friday, 2 August 2013

All about daddy aka mr.hubby!

Okay, this post will be all about baby Si's daddy aka mr. Hubby!

Congratulations on your graduation in obtaining your MBA at NTU (nanyang technology university) business school, Singapore... Class of 2013. One of the top 25 MBA Universities in the world!!!

We are so proud of u...
Being able to work full time and take classes part time. All these were done in the midst of moving into our first apartment (where we built a HOME), numerous business and leisure trips all around the world with wifey, created a family with the arrival of baby Si, changed positions in your job with Cummins, changed jobs to a new company (after 10 years of being loyal to Cummins), etc...

Just a few days after mr. hubby's graduation, me n mr hubby were talking and came to realization that all these just fell into its own place, at the right time. From choosing and picking the right uni (being offered a few), choosing between Masters and MBA, etc...We counted our blessings and God's guidance in getting to where mr. Hubby is today. Coz if it was a different decision, things would turned out differently. We believe God has helped us make the best choice.

"God opens doors (where no men can shut) and closes the doors (where no men can open)!!!"

Oh and the graduation turned out to be an event where baby Si was able to sit in... Coz we initially thought that we could not enter the auditorium as it was clearly stated on the invite that children below 6yrs old was not allowed in. And mummy thought we would have to miss it and sit outside to watch it on the big screen TV. Thankfully uncle niño was adamant and smooth talked his way to get us in promising that we would head out as soon as baby Si makes any noise. But guess what? Baby Si sat through the whole convocation like a trooper! Uncle niño made more noise than baby Si!!! Thanks uncle niño for being the photographer and manny for the day!!!
U made karthik's day...(from his gummy smile in all your lovely pics)

The convocation ended with a party where food and wine were served, speeches and awards were given and more photos taken...

more pics...Click here!!!

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