Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Some of you might be wondering how come there wasn't any Father's Day post (since there was one for Mother's Day )? Did i miss it?Well...this mummy didn't forget...just that we celebrated it in a low key manner... Got daddy a key chain!!! Muahahhahah.... (No pun intended)
The personalized keychain was a present from baby Si (with a pic of her n daddy) but the best present came from mummy!!! SURPRISE!!! Surprised daddy with the pic below on Father's Day :) daddy aka mr. Hubby was speechless... Thought he would be a pro by now... But still managed to make his speechless 2nd time round...

I'm sure many of our fb friends already knew about it as mr. Hubby just made it official and revealed this "secret" once I hit the mark and past the unstable period :)

Dear mr. Hubby aka daddy Si,
Hope this is the best Father's Day present ever!!!
Mummy n baby Si...

Also this Father's Day was special as baby Si not only get to celebrate with her dad...this mummy also get to celebrate with my dad!!! 2 in 1 celebration!!! We had a good hearty mexican meal at "cha cha cha" restaurant at Holland Village with lots of quesadillas, nachos and burritos... Baby Si enjoyed her first taste of beef quesadillas!

Thank u papa for alwiz being there for me and keeping me company with all the "jalan-jalan" and ur useful advices!!! baby Si is also enjoying gong gong's company... Now I know where baby Si gets her traveling genes from!!!

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