Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The END...*sad**happy**sad**happy**sad**happy**... mixed emotions till this very day!!!

The end to my breastfeeding journey.... it is indeed a bittersweet moment!
didnt plan to totally wean baby si off but i guess baby Si self weaned herself.
On aug 5th, (after seeing my gynae 3days before, and my first day back in malaysia), I started to drop baby Si day feed but still continued to bf her during throughout the night. She would still ask for (.)(.) aka nen nen during the day but I told her that she's a big girl now and big girls drink fresh milk!!!
Tips: baby Si went on a milk strike... So this mummy decided to add some chocolate milk to her fresh milk, and voila... She's loving it :)

My gynae had mentioned to stop breastfeeding right away as it is harmful for baby karmie2 which I don't totally agree with him cause in my case, I am not a high risk pregnancy and neither was my 1st pregnancy with baby Si...and many mothers has successfully tandem breastfeed while being pregnant! Oh well, I thought I needed a break after breastfeeding baby Si for 16+ months!!! And thinking and planning well ahead what will happen once I'm in hospital to deliver since baby Si doesn't take formula milk and plus she doesn't take bottle feeding and I have surrendered my pump, sterilizer long long time ago!!!
My gynae even prescribed me a hormone pill (Duphaston 10mg-42 tabs..1 tab 3 times a day).
He mentioned that it will strengthen my womb... So my next qs was, is it specific to my case? Is something wrong with my scans that i need it? His answer was no... Just in general it is better to take it for all pregnant mothers....
Note to self: no drugs while pregnant...actually say no to drugs!

I thought it would be hard to wean her off night feeding as she's addicted to it...ever since she was born, every2 hours (on the dot) she would wake up for nen nen...then at ard 8-9 months, it increased to every 3 hrs and finally ard 1 yr + it went up to 4 hrs! Imagined how this mummy has never slept more than 4 hours straight!!! *zombified*
Then once I started dropping her day feed, she miraculously started to SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT (STTN)!!! U wouldn't know how it feels like to finally get my beauty sleep!
I never plan on totally weaning her off of breastfeeding! But I guess God has His plans and His timing! On a positive note, I get to rest well during the night while being pregnant (this 2nd pregnancy is much harder - morning, afternoon, nite, midnite puking sickness, feeling nausea the whole day)...

I'm glad baby Si transitioned amazingly well... I read a lot about how other mothers have to resort to using lemon or vinegar on their (.)(.) to discourage their lil ones, how their (.)(.) will get engorged which then leads to high fever and shivers, block ducts, mastitis, using the cold cabbages method, hot/cold compress, drugs, etc...

I was just thinking the other day how a gadget can be 100% loved by working mothers and yet at the same time 100% hated by stay at home mothers...it is the BREAST PUMP!
Can u think of another gadget?
Don't mention iPhone vs Samsung! Coz some iPhone users would like some features of the Samsung phone and how some Samsung users secretly wished they had some of the iPhone apps! Some are even converts... :p

To all the mothers soon to deliver (including me)... Breastfeeding is NOT EASY... U need to be surrounded by supportive family especially hubby! U need to have determination, perseverance, hard core, commitment, hard working, strong willed, "kiasu", etc...
But let me tell u, it is soooo WORTH IT... All the best... "Jia yu"... "GAMBATEH"... "Fighting"!!!

Baby Si has only fallen sick once! All thanks to the wonders of this liquid gold...
*sad**happy**sad**happy**sad**happy**... Arghhhh mixed emotions till this very day!!!
I miss my bonding sessions...only bf mothers will understand ;)

Next milestones:
.Wean baby Si off her "drug" aka pacifier (goal: before 2 yrs old)
.potty train (goal: +-2 yrs old)

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