Monday, 3 June 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Sorry for the belated post as mr. Hubby has been extremely busy these past few weeks. Only now he's a free man to upload pics.

So here's the Mother's Day post!

This will be my 2nd year celebrating Mother's Day!
Last year was kinda all a blur and we didn't get to celebrate it...
As mr. Hubby put it, we were blur "sotong" new parents!

So this time, mr. Hubby made sure it was a memorable Mother's Day weekend!

What we did...

We had a staycation and did some chillaxing over the weekend. It was nice to have a short getaway! No cooking, no cleaning, no laundry, etc...
We had a good rest and relax, did lots of reading (which by the way we hardly read)...did some tv, no electronics, no fb, no emails, etc... Just quality family time...

The Fullerton bay hotel chocolate buffet with mr. hubby's MBA friends...
We would never ever have gone for a chocolate buffet if it wasn't organized by someone.
So when mr. Hubby's MBA friends organized a choc buffet experience, mr. Hubby decided to take the opportunity to take the wifey and baby si to a night of pure chocolate indulgence.
And it coincided with Mother's Day weekend. Mr. Hubby knows that the way to a women's heart is thru CHOCOLATE and lots of it ;) mr. Hubby also learnt from the very beginning when we got married that there's a saying in Chinese, "a happy wife, a happy life!!!" Not sure from which china man did he learn this from...but I must thank him ;)

Me n mr. Hubby were pleasantly surprised to find that the choc spread was not just pure had so much variety to it... Cakes, macaroons, choc fountain, fudge, etc... And the best part is it included all types of coffees (cappuccinos, latte, etc) which are my cup of "coffee" and all types of teas (peppermint, earl grey, etc) which wasn't my cup of "tea"
So by the end of the day we were high on caffeine...and we ended up rolling in bed wide awake while baby Si happily snoring in between us!

Baby Si did try some real expensive chocolate but unfortunately she didnt like it... It's ok baby Si, next time u will learn to like chocolate just like mummy...what's not to like about it, it's dark, rich and brown! Just like mr. Hubby!!! Hee hee hee... :p okayyyy corny joke aside....
Baby Si made lots of friends...

The Fullerton bay hotel has a nice romantic ambiance to it... U could sit next to the windows to enjoy the beautiful sight of marina bay sands by the river. Anyone wanting to propose to their gf??? Why not do it there ;) after getting ur lady high on caffeine, she will definitely say YES!!!

Click here for a video montage made by one of karthik's MBA friends!

The next morning was Mother's Day! Woke up to a nice surprise! Mr. Hubby thought the first thing I would get was my iPad so he left the "surprise" on top of it. but he was wrong...this mummy had to get baby Si's breakfast ready and change her mr. Hubby had to divert my attention to the ipad... Found a nice customized pendant of a pic of baby Si and mummy! Lovely surprise...
Mr hubby didn't get any flowers as this mummy had pre-warned him during our dating days.

headed to church and as always city harvest church puts up the best drama ever!
Such talented people... All the efforts, sacrifices, creativity that went into it...just wowwww!!! Every time they never ceased to amaze mr. Hubby and me... Baby Si sat thru it all ;)
After the service, they had a makeover for all the mummies in the house! After doing my makeup, we took advantage of the photobooth! Baby Si was knocked out by the end of the day...thus she was sleeping while we smile for the cameras ;)

Click here to view more pics...

Oh yeah not to forget...thanks to my ex jetstar crew who made a Mother's Day photo collage of all the mothers in her friends sweet of her la...thanks Celine RoxyBabe!

Sienna wrote:
"I'm really blessed for over one year,
that mom has always been so near.

Been feeding me every few hours
And giving me my daily showers…

I’m never hungry and always clean.
She’s hardly angry and never mean.

When I cry, she always consoles me.
When I scream, she comes scolds me.

When I pee, I don't feel too crappy,
But then I poop, she cleans my nappy.

I can’t talk yet, but heard my father say,
“Sienna, wish ‘mie a Happy Mother’s day!”

My emotions are too young to show ‘em,
So I wrote mom through this lil poem.

In a few months I’ll express my love,
To the best mom sent from above!"

LAST but NOT the least...happy Mother's Day to the my own mama!!!
I never knew how much u sacrifice for us 3 rascals...
Until I became a mum... And I only have 1 very sweet obedient one!

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