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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Magical pond with magical babies!!!

Recently I've won 2 adult tickets + 1 baby to the Magical Pond show organized by the Singapore Innovative Children's festival. It was a giveaway done by Mother & Baby Singapore. Too bad it was on a weekday thus mr. Hubby wasn't able to join us...
But nevertheless, baby Si and mummy had lots of fun! Especially baby Si...

It was a cool setup where it wasn't an actual physical pond...u don't want babies aged 7-18 months to be wandering around near a pond right? That was what my mama thought when I told her I'm bringing her granddaughter to a magical pond...she said, "aiyahhh, so dangerous, mosquitoes, water..." But no, they actually projected up onto a big screen a "magical pond" where fishes, frogs, dragonflies, etc were dancing around to the soothing background music. They had comfy cushions laid right below the projector where both mummy and baby can chill while watching it. Too bad they didn't have any popcorn for mummy!!! Hehehehe....baby Si laid down right away and enjoyed the whole 45 mins show!!! I was surprised and other mummies were too at how quietly baby Si sat there... The rest of the babies were all boys...so definitely they were all active, moving around, just didnt wanna sit still... I guess that's the diff btwn baby boys and girls...

In between they had people blowing bubbles, and bringing in props like flowers, fishes, balls, rubber duckies, etc to enhance the babies "touch" sensation! All the sensations sight, sound, touch were covered except for smell and taste! Well does poop-y diaper count for smell??? Just kidding... Hehhehe...

At the end, each baby were also given a free gift "goodie bag" worth $50 sponsored by Abbott!!! But too bad baby Si doesn't take any formula milk :(

More info on this event...click here!!!

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