Friday, 7 June 2013

Sarah & Caleb's wedding

This will be baby Si's 8th time attending a wedding!!!
(Kaishan & su mei, John & Julie, Madeleine and wang Chung, an qi and phil, andrew and sena, Luke Choo & wifey, cousin's son)

The wedding ceremony was held at city harvest church, jurong west in one of the halls. Our cellgroup did a fantastic job on the DIY deco!!! I was impressed especially by the heart shaped balloons!!!
Kudos to our cellgroup... U guys did a great job, staying up late the night before (including mr. Hubby)

Baby Si sat through the entire wedding like a trooper...even managed to sneak in a lil' snooze!
And woke up just in time for the food after...!!! That's my girl...good food shouldn't go to waste...

Too bad baby Si can't walk yet to be prancing around as a flower time perhaps ;)
Mummy can't wait to dress u up in a flower girl dress and do hair n "makeup"...
Oh wait...ur hair need to grow longer first... Hehehhe
Plus this wedding had 2 cute ring bearers...coz they are twins!!!

We still remember the day when Sarah first started dating Caleb!!! She was so happy and excited
and gleaming from ear to ear...

Wishing the both of you a blessed marriage and a lifetime of adventure...
Faster make cute babies so baby Si can have playmates and keep the cellgroup buzzing with lil' ones!!!

Ok now, who's wedding is coming up next?
And if u need a cute CHINDIAN flower girl, don't hesitate to ask baby Si!!!
(Hopefully she can walk by then!!!)

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