Monday, 15 July 2013

Happy bday to MiE MiE MiE!!!

Happy bday to MiE MiE MiE!!!

This post is somewhat different...coz it's not gonna be about baby Si but all about ME!!! Hehehehhe.... *sorry Si, mummy promised will insert some pics of u if she remembers*....

Okay...back to me... I had a wonderful birth day!!! Not only a day, but mr. Hubby gave me the whole weekend... Of coz what celebration is without FOOD...So we ate ate ate...hehehhe.....ate yummy taiwanese spicy noodles, Starbucks green tea pudding frappucino with our fav peanut butter stack cake and end off with tiffin buffet of all sorts. Since its a buffet, what better way to try new things that I wouldn't usually order. I had 2 roti honey and 1 roti tissue, while mr hubby had 2 egg tosai (recommended by gong gong) and 1 onion pratha.

For the first time ever, mr. Hubby made me a cup of coffee!!! U must b thinking, wow after all these years, he never made Any??? Well, he's so not Indian coz he doesn't drink either coffee or tea!!! So what better way to make a nice cup of cappuccino for his coffee wife drinker using the new coffee machine that mr. Hubby bought as a bday pressie!!! N who better to supervise daddy than baby Si...heheheh....woke up with the smell of coffee almost gave me a heart attack!!!

Mr hubby gave me another heart attack when he presented me with another bday present! Mind u, mr.hubby knows I'm not big into surprises... And this just blew me away!!! A very "atas" it ;)
Now I just need to find a place to use it...yeayyy another beach holiday... Thailand again, mr hubby???

What a nice bday weekend spent with my love family!!!
Feels So blessed...Amen!

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