Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Somebody decided to walk today!!!

Baby si just turned 15 months a few days ago...

On 9th July around 5pm, baby Si took her many many steps by herself! It was her first time walking without any assistance!!! I was expecting just walking a few steps followed by lots of falling, wobbly-ness, boo boos, crying... But once again baby Si proved mummy wrong! She just took off and there was no stopping her!!! Was so exciting to see her squeak and squeals in delight...and this mummy was able to catch it on video!

That same night, baby Si decided to showcase her newfound talent to daddy and strutted her catwalk for a good 20 mins or so... Gong gong and po po also got lots of entertainment through FaceTime!!!

I guess my days of sitting and lazing on the couch is over as this little one has been on the move ever since...does that mean this mummy gets to exercise at the same time??? *lazy mode*

Oh did I mentioned that this is the best early birthday present??? Thank you my baby... This mummy hasn't stop smiling silly...

enjoy the video...Click here!!!

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