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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Baby Si 1st ever professional haircut in the salon!

After 2.5 yrs of this mummy cutting baby Si's fringe, it was time for her to go have her hair cut in a professional salon by a PRO!!! Hehehehehe.... 
Few reasons for her haircut:
1) It was time as her "virgin" back hair was getting longer...
2) this humid hot weather isn't helping!
3) this Mummy has no time to do pigtails and keep it neat...(2 babies are a handful) + keeping the house in order n preparing meals...etc....
4) baby Si was off to po po and gong gong hse for a visit (before our Japan trip)...so it will be easier for my mum to tame her mane :p
On a side note: baby Si lasted a whole month without her mummy!!! Told my parents, that I would jump on the next plane back to KL if needed...even had my bags ready n packed just in case...but needless to say baby Si was having way too much fun being pampered by the grandparents....so proud of her :)

All these while, people might say I've deprived baby Si of haircuts...LOL
But in actuality, this mummy has trust issues when it comes to anyone putting a scissors close to baby Si's eyes...Finally this mummy had the courage to let go and put her trust in someone's else...

So off we (the whole family) went to the salon!!! Daddy had to be the one to actually take her in as this mummy couldn't bear to witness it...so mummy quickly gave her a kiss and assured her...then quickly made a dash to pick up groceries with baby Skye!!! But after a few minutes, I decided I needed to be there for baby Si.... So I did a U-turn and headed back just in time to witness the first snip!!! Thank God I made it in time....baby Si held on to daddy like a koala bear... She didn't cry but just needed daddy to be there... The whole ordeal was done within minutes :)

So what do u think of the results?
Baby Si in short hair....yayyyy or nayyyy???
No more "Boo" signature trademark look!!!

Baby Si would tell me every now and then that she wants her hair to grow longer so she can be like a princess and also keep saying, "sienna like a boo, sienna like a boo!!!"... Just today I trimmed her fringe, and she said "mummy, just cut the front ahhhh! Don't cut the back okayyy? I want it to grow longer!!!"

Mr. Hubby mentioned that the hair that was cut is the same hair that was in my womb!!! Wowwwww....
I should have save it and keep it as a keepsake...hehehehehe....
Sienna had that hair not for 2.5 yrs but for the past 2.5 yrs+9 mths!!!! LOLs.... So EMO this post....hahahhahahaha ***but its just a haircut mummy!!!****
Well, I think I got over it...so the next salons visit will be a breeze :) but daddy will still do it just like how mummy has been taking the kids for their vaccinations...hehehehe....

***SAY BYE BYE to BOO!!!***

Mummy in a new short hairdo too!!! Wanted to have the same haircut as baby Si...
But the fringe didn't turn out nice on me :( so side sweep it went!
(Note to self: this is the last attempt for fringe!!! Say NO to fringe... 
Even as a kid I didn't have it...so lets keep it that way!!!)

Who says brinjal can't be a "toy" at po po and gong gong house!!!

Learning mandarin with po po n gong gong!!! YEAY!!!

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