Thursday, 20 December 2012

Happy birthday Zach Ha-Min!!!

Baby Si: "Happy 3 yrs old cousin kor kor ha min!!! Too bad this time u won't be able to play sand at krabi with me :( maybe next time"

Has it been 3 yrs already??? Time flies... Sorry we couldn't be able to celebrate ur bday with u as we're in Malaysia!!!

Here's wishing u a happy, healthy n contented days ahead :)
May u have many many candles to blow!!! (see pic below) *LOL*

Continue to be a good boy once nei nei (grandmother) leaves...I think nei nei will be the one crying when she leaves n changi airport will be flooded... Heheheheh...
Btw, She really enjoys her fun time with u!!!

Note: Uncle karthik did the pic collage below for ha min!!! Mr. Hubby is getting better and better at it :)

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